Crazy Gal Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

Crazy Gal

Rating: 5.0

A perfect man?
Is there such a thing?
Have you fallen off a bin?

One with lot's of money
and lips as sweet as honey.
Everything he says, seem so funny
with a desirable chest, flat tummy.

You must be delusional
because these requests are quite unusual.
A perfect man?
Don't you dare say that again.

Vinod Kumar 08 January 2009

It is a little crazy and funny posting mam, excellent vision, thanks for sharing.

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Aijaz Asif 07 January 2009

a very beautiful and thought provoking write and so true no one is perfect, if anyone is or will be perfect than he/she will not be human...i might have got the wrong idea of this sshort and beautiful piece, anyways i liked it and thanks for sharing 10++++ rgds asif

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Keith Hendrickson 04 January 2009

i like this 1 a lot. to me perfection comes in embracing imperfection. great work

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Marilyn Lott 12 September 2008

No such thing as a perfect person. We are, after all, only human. Keep writing and sharing with us. Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Joseph Poewhit 20 August 2008

What about the perfect woman? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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