Daily Routine - In Hell Poem by Kirstie Duekett

Daily Routine - In Hell

Rating: 3.5

She walks in the front door,
She runs for her bedroom, she is so unsure.

She questions wether or not she was seen,
has she to do anymore to make the house clean.

She comes out to cook her sisters dinner, being quiet with the door,
her brother sees her, he goes for her and slams her to the floor.

She is taken to the back room,
she is made to take off her school costume.

She begins crying,
he asks if she wants another beating.

She gets out trying to look strong,
gets her sisters dinner and sings her a bed time song.

Her sister finally goes off to sleep,
she goes to check on her mum and takes a peep.

Her mum is out of it again,
and for tonight there is no new men.

The girl trys to sleep for a while,
trys to dream of happy things and try to wake with a smile.

She wakes her little sister for school,
they leave before anyone wakes for that was the rule.

Louise Crielly 18 March 2012

That's so deep and amazing

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Kirstie Duekett

Kirstie Duekett

Perth Western Australia
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