Wanting To Die! Poem by Kirstie Duekett

Wanting To Die!

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At fifteen I understand the feeling of wanting to die,
only for so long can a little girl cry.

Daring to overdose so you can make people give up the stupid silly show.

Events of the past bringing you as low as one person can go.

Apprehension like first stepping in the snow.

The feelings don't always disapear all in a row.

Help is out there they all say but what's the point if the tunnel has already lost it's glow.

Louise Crielly 18 March 2012

You have a great talent. this is how i feel at times to. your not alone

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Dave Walker 15 October 2011

Wow. A very powerful poem. Very sad. A beautiful poem but very sad. Take a look at my dreams of a child. I was about fourteen when it was like that. Never thought there was going to be an end to it. All these years later i am as happy as can be With a lovely family. So you can be anything you Want in this world, you just got to have faith in Yourself.

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Kirstie Duekett

Kirstie Duekett

Perth Western Australia
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