Give Up Or Stay Strong? Poem by Kirstie Duekett

Give Up Or Stay Strong?

Rating: 3.5

It hurts deep down inside,
to know that I have cried.

I've failed to stay strong,
couldn't handle everything for long.

I tried to smile everyday without fail,
Inside something is telling me not to bail.

I don't want to go through with this,
but I cannot go on with just a dismiss.

It's hard to know I tried and did not succeed,
that I needed help and I was in need.

I waited for so long,
just never felt that I belonged.

I just decided to give up,
I knew I couldn't do it I fessed up.

I will be strong,
I will walk the walk and sing my song.

This is my life beginning to unfold,
I misplaced my pathetic mask and mold.

But I am not giving in,
I know within myself that one day I will win.

Aftab Alam Khursheed 15 April 2013

poem lifted in a fast movement It hurts deep down inside, to know that I have cried. very message well penned well concept dear I read and read nice very nice deserve point thank you/read my poem Don't say or I am a poet thanks again

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Kirstie Duekett

Kirstie Duekett

Perth Western Australia
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