Kirstie Duekett Poems

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In This Scary Room On This Scary Night

I can't sleep I can feel them around me,
I know it's only in my head its not real what I see.

But it's scary right here,
Rising is my bottled up fear.

Wanting To Die!

At fifteen I understand the feeling of wanting to die,
only for so long can a little girl cry.

Daring to overdose so you can make people give up the stupid silly show.

Sorry Mum

I am sorry that perfect is not what you see,
And I'm sorry you could never say that you were proud of me.

I am sorry that the love was never there,

How Much

Ticket price on the street,
What disgusting old pervit will I meet.

I want to mess with my soul,

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

She is quiet and has eyes that not many can read,
her soul has been to a dark pace and berried.

She cries only when she is alone,

Give Up Or Stay Strong?

It hurts deep down inside,
to know that I have cried.

I've failed to stay strong,


You're like a flicker to a flame,
once someone has met you they will never be the same.
You're like a drop in the rain,
in life you give out so much for others to gain.


In this short time of knowing you, I have opened up to you,
but it wasn't all that easy, you have no clue.
It's like you put a nail in the brick wall around my heart,
the wall just fell down and I feel so much better now even though it's only a start.


I walk around scarred and alone,
I don’t want to be around anyone I prefer being on my own.

Why would I want anyone around?

Was It Only One Way

She use to cry for you,
she thought you cried for her too.

When she was young,

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