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I can't sleep I can feel them around me,
I know it's only in my head its not real what I see.

But it's scary right here,
Rising is my bottled up fear.

At fifteen I understand the feeling of wanting to die,
only for so long can a little girl cry.

Daring to overdose so you can make people give up the stupid silly show.

I am sorry that perfect is not what you see,
And I'm sorry you could never say that you were proud of me.

I am sorry that the love was never there,

Ticket price on the street,
What disgusting old pervit will I meet.

I want to mess with my soul,

She is quiet and has eyes that not many can read,
her soul has been to a dark pace and berried.

She cries only when she is alone,

It hurts deep down inside,
to know that I have cried.

I've failed to stay strong,

You're like a flicker to a flame,
once someone has met you they will never be the same.
You're like a drop in the rain,
in life you give out so much for others to gain.

In this short time of knowing you, I have opened up to you,
but it wasn't all that easy, you have no clue.
It's like you put a nail in the brick wall around my heart,
the wall just fell down and I feel so much better now even though it's only a start.


I walk around scarred and alone,
I don’t want to be around anyone I prefer being on my own.

Why would I want anyone around?

She use to cry for you,
she thought you cried for her too.

When she was young,

Some people think that when the razor slides across your arm,
that it's a part of self muterlation or even harm,
but whats the problem when it releases the pain and makes you calm.

Do you really know what happens there,
do you even have enough time and energy to care.

Do you hear the screams everynight,

The emptiness is getting quite severe,
you become numb living in fear.

Finding it hard to hold on and cope,

My past still scares me yes its true,
something's still confuse me, wouldn't even have a clue.

This poem is to make you all understand,

As long as I am in here you will never know,
that tonight the scars and sores will grow.

You will never fully understand why,

Was I always your little girl of games,
worst of all starting with nasty names.

I wasn't perfect and I got that loud and clear,

The pain inside,
the emotions they all need to subside.

These feelings and emotions,

Some people have lost everything inside,
believe me it's hard to go on with little or no pride.

Some people have no one to tell,

Everything is inside,
I want to leave this world and hide.

I loose count of the times I've cried,

Incy, wincy, razor,
slice upon my arm,
out let the blood rush leave me sitting in harm.

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Born 25/07/1996 age- 16yrs I was put on this earth for a reason, I am to use my deepest struggles in life to help others. I am to overcome my biggest challengers to be who I wish to be. I have been through many difficult times some of them at a very early age. But one day I will hopefully learn to use them to create a greater good. But for now we'll just see how it all goes)

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In This Scary Room On This Scary Night

I can't sleep I can feel them around me,
I know it's only in my head its not real what I see.

But it's scary right here,
Rising is my bottled up fear.

I can't wake you up tonight,
It's making me worse giving me a fright.

I want them out of sight,
But I'm to afraid get up and turn on the light.

Lord help me on this very scary night,
I can only cut to help keep reality in sight.

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Kirstie Duekett Popularity

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