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Born 25/07/1996

age- 16yrs

I was put on this earth for a reason, I am to use my deepest struggles in life to help others. I am to overcome my biggest challengers to be who I wish to be.

I have been through many difficult times some of them at a very early age. But one day I will hopefully learn to use them to create a greater good. But for now we'll just see how it all goes

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In This Scary Room On This Scary Night

I can't sleep I can feel them around me,
I know it's only in my head its not real what I see.

But it's scary right here,
Rising is my bottled up fear.

I can't wake you up tonight,
It's making me worse giving me a fright.

I want them out of sight,
But I'm to afraid get up and turn on the light.

Lord help me on this very scary night,
I can only cut to help keep reality in sight.

Kirstie Duekett Popularity

Kirstie Duekett Popularity

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