Dance Of The Moon Poem by Seamus O' Brian

Dance Of The Moon

Rating: 5.0

The moon sings silently in filaments of silver
Over fields of whispering ribbons of flax
Dancing the breeze of the stars to the river
A misty track luminous to the river and back

Ebony-ribbed sylvan walls of the ballroom
Raise star-crusted boughs in time to the beat
Of the turning of skies for the cloud-riding moon
And rustle their leaves for the breeze-dancing wheat.

Soft as the brush of a sleeping babe's breath
The moon and the wind dance through the night
Flicker the surface of the river's deep breadth
With rippling zephyrs and tendrils of light

Dance away, dance away, 'neath veils of soft cloud
Down the dark river to the ships in the sea
Billow their sails and flutter their shrouds
Dance with the mariners like you danced once for me

Touch their cragg'd lips with the dream of a kiss
Wrap your lithe form in the rough canvas sheets
Whisper the names of the ones that they miss
Tease their sore hearts while they toss in their sleep

Then veil with the moon in the grey, foggy mist
Come back to me now singing songs of the deep
O'er salt water creeks as they murmur and twist
Through marshy bulrushes in black currents steeped

Dance through the glades and the frosted white fields
Glide like the moon-silvered owl in silent grey woods
Under dark-piercing bats as they flit and they yield
Come to the grove where our arbor once stood

Where I danced with my love in the light of the moon
Where we stumbled and fell for love's ancient tune
Where we laughed in the cool of the night-silvered breeze
'Ere she wandered the river to the ships in the sea.

Come back to me, back to me, love of my soul
Come back to me singing songs of the deep.

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,love,sea
Nudershada Cabanes 04 March 2018

A brilliantly penned poem. Wonderfully rhymed verse with beautiful imagery. It flows smoothly.10

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Seamus O Brian 08 March 2018

Thank you, kind friend! Words of kindness are the currency of the bond of humanity. I am honored by your kindness, good poet.

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Rini Shibu 04 March 2018

Beautiful poem, liked Very much Seamus this journey of love with the moon.

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Seamus O Brian 08 March 2018

Hi, Rini! I am so glad you liked it. Actually, I thought of this one when I read your Queen of the Night poem, and realized I had never posted this. Thanks!

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