Seamus O' Brian Poems

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If you knew who I was now
When I knew who you were then
Would you forgive me before
We ever became them?

Tread Carefully

The branches dance in the wind,
The ones outside my window
Across from my desk.
I suppose you know the trees

Across The Divide Of Time

Sleep, my son, and dream of when
we will trace the alpine glens,
and walk upon the wildest ways
where bears have trod, but seldom men.

Echo Of Silence

This tortuous canyon coiling its jagged edges
razors through the sinewed sediments,
deluvinations of painful fomentations
plowing through acres of rock and soil

After The Shower- Haiku

These Eyes

these eyes, the spyglass of tomorrow's horizons
gazing today, even now, bronze-bound discs of living glass,
glazed and rimmed in the hazing blast of yesterday's furnace
to see, not merely with eyes of insentient flesh, but with sight

The Gift Of Spring (Haiku)

slender green shoot
shoulders aside mass of snow
finds a breath of spring

I Will Become The Morning

I will disappear into the memory of the wind;
I will fold myself into the gilded leaves of dawn;
reach for my bones and you will grasp a handful
of morning; seize my flesh and you will find

When Words Fail

when words fail
a cabal of stones
obsidian edged
gather in the mesh

How Strangely Quiet

how strangely quiet this space
between words
when poems are inhaled,