Dancing The Divide Poem by Iris Blue

Dancing The Divide

Rating: 5.0

From a teardropp stung source
a boundary is born
as clear waters course
a darkness unknown.

Through fine lines and fissures
strained waters swell,
seeping secrets from bedrock
estranged nations once shared;
reflecting the impasse
of two hostile friends.

Above a drift of sky ghosts
skim the pool that now holds
the tension suspended in
it's surfaces cold.

Seal launching forth
from a jut of grey rock
a dancer descends the divide;
past looming gorge walls
and layers of time,
a splash of green neon
tows gravity's line.

Dancer and partner
carve a curve
as they slice,
railing an edge,
kick-flipping in time
to the rush of white water
and the stoppers that break
making kayak and dancer
power hard yet with grace.

Angling the flow
towards waters that meet
they ferry glide forth
towards an eddie's retreat.

Cast out from the stills
exiled shadows now roam
spanning the chasm,
crossing borderline zones.

Running down, running free
the dancer soon sees
a spearhead of ripples
piercing lost dreams.

Hips balance,
arms brace
shoulders strong
changing pace
carving out his own line,
rolling, flicking, he finds
the freedom
the divide.

Joshua Fegley 06 January 2013

I really like your poems Iris. I am constantly amazed by the structure and correct spelling of your poetry. Reminds me of.....me. Albeit less anger. Haha!

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Jim Hogg 20 December 2012

.... 'he finds the freedom between the divide'. Some serious internal rhymes and echoes there, and rhythm to boot..... 'Through fine lines and fissures strained waters swell.. ' and so it goes, wending in surges and calms, from its spring of conception to its sea (or is it island..) of resolution... Loads of clever wordplay, stand-out images and thrusts of energetic progress - action sequences broken by judiciously placed stills..... unusually creative conjuring Justine.. xx PS - more please!

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