The Hunter Poem by Iris Blue

The Hunter

No bearings required
instinct is his guide
as the hunter tracks back to his love.

His limbs scratched and torn
he’s blended his form
skin caked in the wild’s blooded mire.

He’s man against beast
seeking solace and peace
in a place where hostility reigns.

He’s dusk and he’s dawn
Gaia’s cloth is his warmth
as he strips himself bare like the trees.

Crossing ridges and streams
through a trail of lost dreams
he finds his way back to what’s true.

An intruder no more
tired, weary and sore
it’s the light of Orion that shines

Weighed down by his kill
his strength is distilled
shouldering burdens that carry him through.

Her Orion, her torch,
her wilderness sought
he’s the one that has captured her heart.

No bearings required
instinct is his guide
as this hunter tracks back to his love.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Brian Jani 05 June 2014

What a nice poem iris

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Jim Hogg 11 April 2014

Love this and its rhythm Justine... the rhythm of the hunter tracking *back to his love ... perfect form for the's got the feel of one that might have been conceived while running or dancing... full of imagery that evokes the wild, natural forces that are greater than and that steer the individual beast/human... the 5 freak has a judgement problem ... xx

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