Dancing With An Elephant-Sonnet Ii Poem by Aria Siren

Dancing With An Elephant-Sonnet Ii

Rating: 5.0

Shuffling through old letters and devotions
Buried muse screams for me to let her float
Painted on skin deliquesced in your ocean
Elephant in the room sits on my throat

Screaming sparrows ring such savage alarms
But no wind can sing leaves back into place
Strike the pallid and pray to cause no harm
Weeping pleas for you to invade my space

You danced marionette fingers on my mouth
And you caged dead butterflies in my chest
And I can't forget you when I am roused
And I can't forget you when I'm in rest

All that is left are embers from the fire
All that remains: epitaph on desire

Ramesh Rai 06 October 2013

loved your ink. a beautiful write.

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Arpita Choudhury 27 September 2013

Definitely a great poem! You have captured all the poetry requires. loved it!

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Alla Simone 02 March 2013

I love it! Something about a sonnet that expresses things so well. Such eloquent language, and vivid imagery adds to the intensity of the emotions expressed. Some highlights for me were: 'Deliquesced in your ocean...Screaming sparrows...savage alarms...Weeping pleas...marrionette fingers...dead butterflies.' My favorite part is definitely: Screaming sparrows ring such savage alarms But no wind can sing leaves back into place It illustrates the frustration & pain one might experience well, but also shows srength in that you are not in denial. You can't start the next chapter in your life, if you keep rereading the last one. Ending is superb: 'epitaph on desire.' Its perfect. Short, curt- to the point. No fluff is necessary for us to know the hollow feeling of simply having an inscription to read. Fantasic, terrific, awesome job!

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Sandy Player 02 March 2013

The penultimate line screams to me something from another poem out of the ash/I rise with my red hair/And I eat men like air. Poetry purists would be throwing their volumes at me for that but there is something in it(forgetting the rest of the poem it comes from) that links so beautifully well with your poem. Your poem is absolutly ringing with intense shocks to the senses! A very nice poem for sure.

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Søren Valentine 02 March 2013

oh my.....................................................................

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