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Welllll...If I don't write down my thoughts they run in circles and snake in mazes, and crash into each other in my head. Endlessly. Striking and afflicting me with anxiety. That's why I write. Because it's therapeutic. A healing to my psyche.9 times out of 10, if something feels healthy, then it is. So I'll keep writing. I'm also a lover of truth, so I write it. Lastly, I find psychology thrilling. Therefore I am content to thoroughly analyze, poke, probe, and prod any and all poetry- including my own, as I thirst for a drop of insight into the workings of a healthy psyche.

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Aria Siren 08 February 2013

Where can I start? Alla is one of my favourite poets to watch on this site. Her trademark is her beautiful use of metaphors to describe something deeper. She is witty and touching and makes you want to read more. Her descriptions or love, frustration, heartbreak are relatable and sometimes raw. She reaches something deep inside of you as you read her work. I love reading her poetry and even more I love being her friend. :)

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Stevie Taite 13 November 2012

Alla will break your heart with her poems about relationships and love. She encapsulated incredible emotion in her poems, with her clever and unusual metaphors and analogies. She will connect so easily with people who have gone through heart break, which is most of us. She uses her intelligence and obvious creative talents to develop poems that make you want to keep reading! She is too young to be this good!

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Yash Shinde 13 October 2012

very nice poem well executed

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