Aria Siren

Aria Siren Poems

1. Pause 8/10/2012
2. Pretty Fly For A... 8/10/2012
3. The 90 Day Return Policy 9/5/2012
4. The One(S) 9/5/2012
5. Inconvenient Novelty 9/5/2012
6. Afraid To Fall-Bound To Dive 2/7/2013
7. Just Friends? -A Haiku 2/26/2013
8. Stung-A Haiku 3/5/2013
9. Moth Wings And Heavier Things 12/5/2013
10. Corner Booth Claustrophobia 5/27/2014
11. Gossamer 9/14/2013
12. Easy Read 10/18/2012
13. Fresh Air 2/12/2013
14. Scripted Desire 9/5/2012
15. Reign 8/10/2012
16. Rebellious Sentiments 9/6/2012
17. Transparent 8/10/2012
18. You And Me 7/23/2013
19. Proposal (Complicated Delivery) 4/23/2013
20. Unsaid-A Haiku 3/5/2013
21. Soiled-An Acrostic 1/13/2013
22. Saccharine 1/14/2014
23. Bold Muse 1/24/2013
24. Something Like Summer 3/16/2013
25. October Did The Best It Could. 4/9/2013
26. Sepia Hill-Sonnet Iii 4/11/2013
27. I Know Not What Else To Do 8/10/2012
28. Purgatory 8/10/2012
29. Dandelions 8/10/2012
30. Fixation 8/10/2012
31. Dervishes And Mastery 8/11/2012
32. Painter's Muse 2/14/2013
33. Lesson Learned 12/29/2012
34. Jumping Into Your Ocean 11/1/2012
35. Graffiti 11/5/2012
36. Clorophorm Dreams 9/8/2012
37. Open Palms (Kissing You Goodbye) 9/18/2012
38. Don'T Cry Over Spilled Sunsets 12/4/2012
39. Delicate 12/8/2012
40. Grey Mournings 12/25/2012

Comments about Aria Siren

  • Grant Fraser (4/18/2013 8:35:00 AM)

    'Final breaths rise with no map to follow', This poem
    saturates to the very bones - so exquisite and sad!

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  • Søren Valentine Søren Valentine (12/30/2012 11:14:00 PM)

    In my eyes, Aria is a wordsmith. Like her, I have written for most of my life. If it wasn't for her and another friend, I would never have grown in style and diversity (if those are the correct words) . Her poetry often times has inspired me to write, even when I feel like giving poetry (and writing in general) up. She gives great advice when you need help with a poem and her language I find amazing. She bends words to her own will, twisting their meaning yet keeping their originality. Overall she is a great writer and if I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said (or written I suppose) it.

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Best Poem of Aria Siren

Dancing With An Elephant-Sonnet Ii

Shuffling through old letters and devotions
Buried muse screams for me to let her float
Painted on skin deliquesced in your ocean
Elephant in the room sits on my throat

Screaming sparrows ring such savage alarms
But no wind can sing leaves back into place
Strike the pallid and pray to cause no harm
Weeping pleas for you to invade my space

You danced marionette fingers on my mouth
And you caged dead butterflies in my chest
And I can't forget you when I am roused
And I can't forget you when I'm in rest

All that is left are embers from the ...

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caught in the fog
that separates the distance between us
drowning under waves
waves that stir up trouble
slapping a desert with more dust

searching for the source
of talk that hurries and cowers
beneath the cloud of a rumor

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