Darakht - E- Waqt (The Time Tree) Translated. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Darakht - E- Waqt (The Time Tree) Translated.

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As salaam, I have tried to translate your poem.............and have tried to keep the words and form same as much as possible in Urdu....hope you like it...........I have given a list of words with meanings....

Darakht - E- Waqt

Waqt nikal pada, tanha us
Ishaar-e-azeem safar pe

Farmabardar parchai ki taraah
Taare bhi naqsh-e-kadam chal pade

Qudrat se bakshe deewaron ko
Tatolti, hawa bhi rukh kar gayi

Har ansar ke gun samente, phir
Johar bhi sheikh karne lagaa

Khazana-e-tavaanai se bhara
Aftaab bhi qaayam ho gaya

Chupe gahraai me daulat-e-khoowat liye
Darya ke bilwari lehrein bhi muskuraane lage

Panapte zameen par tezeeb va adab, ko
Aejaad karti, nadi bhi behne lagi

Bejhijhak geet-e-insaan va qudrat, ko
Jharne bhi chahakte gaane lage

Waahid qusoosiyat se nawaaze
Har saiyyarah bhi rehmat pa gaye

Zamme-e-duniya ko bhi mile, phir
Tarah tarah ke mnazar va shaksiyat—

Insaan, phool-e-kanval, bhavre
Shahad va makkhi, cheenti aur keede
Titliyan va qous-e-qazah bhi
Sab chede mousikhi khush nawazi
Baarish va hawa bhi jinke saath gaa uthe

Jo har nasal se daur-e-rukh karte rahe
Us paidari darakht-e-waqt ke jaaneeb.

Endure=Paidar, Euphonious= khush nawazi, Crystalline=Bilwari, Rainbow=Qous-e-qazah, Planet=Saiyyarah
Culture= Tehzeeb va adab, Gloom=Udaasi, Perennial= Jeete, Void=Baatil, Atom=Johar, Element=Ansar

Monday, November 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Gratitude, Blessings, Prayers and Loads of Regards and Love to the fellow poet, Soulful Heart, who has blessed me with this wonderful, inspiring and sensible translation of my humble verse. with all humility I admit her translation has glorified those lines. Thanx to God and to her. Await your comments.
Tajudeen Shah 21 November 2016

As you have noticed here, it took ages to have someone to look at this, and that too, a soul like You to dare to hold the golden string of time to wards the endless journey, which in fact is a kind of amazing blessing and mercy of our friend and fellow poet; 'soulful heart', who during one of our message exchanges showed her willingness, rather enthusiastic endeavor to translate my English version The Time Tree, which is one of my old postings in here. With all humility and gratitude, i submit my love and respect to her and you in all the sense for having made me feel proud of my beauty making at this loftiness, alhamdulillah. Gratitude immense to you both again. Your courage, courtesy and kindness reminds me of one of the old legends of the Indian mythology, where Ahaly gets salvation in dwapara yuga, by the touch of Lord SreeRam. Yes, took time, but turned good.. yes, you have, thanx to God, given salvation to this poem by all means. Its like a million eyes have read and applauded, appreciated and rewarded. I hold the invaluable glittering trophy, your words of appreciation, in my hand, and as a prism it emits amazing million colored rays around the world of poetic achievements ever. As I used to teach students of the many Award-won men of letters of this globe, i used to secretly dream of a day, and i think you have made me feel the pilot passion. Ah.. subhanAllah. May God bless you with all the best of naema, amin. So much love and regards.

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Aarzoo Mehek 21 November 2016

A beautiful journey towards our existence... As I kept reading I was amazed at the way it was written... Every little speck started following towards it's unknown destination. Beautiful beautiful thought. A must read for everyone who wants to experience the joy of reaching it's destination. My compliments from the bottom of my heart for this awesome nazm.

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Tajudeen Shah 03 November 2014

its not my translation. The translation by Soulful Heart. All credit and respect goes to her.

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