Demanding Granary. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Demanding Granary.

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Man was blind in and out,
Even with eyes sharp and senses blessed.
Ages of wandering, crossing earth-skirts,
In pursuit of caves, leaves, fish and animals,
Made him familiar the nature intimately.
Ancestral traits slowly waned,
As the Suns of renaissance peeped
Filtering the dense wilderness of myths.
Imaginations kept migrating
Into virgin skies, fields and oceans.
Electromagnetic Radiation,
His distant vision,
Released veiled Cosmic Realities
From the bondage of time.
Planets sheepishly appeared
Breaking the hard shells of gloom,
While the thinking clay had his
Eyes set even to the nocturnal skies.
Fruits of acumen dropped often
From the boughs of time into soul-yards,
Turning him boastful of every win,
Though never was his granary full.

another humble attempt to inspire blessed souls to set out explorations.
Survi Sharma 17 July 2013

a great and touched my heart type of poem love your words to its fullest great one...

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Farah Ilyas 19 June 2013

Hazaro kwhishey aesi har khawahish pe dum nikle... bht nikle mere arman phir b kam nikle......your poem skillfully come up true to this verses, how beautifully u show out the parched tongue of mankind, not nourished even men comes at the stage of death.usage of diction is quite bombastic & how u put up whole nature in urs poem...well done, make me speechless

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Valsa George 18 June 2013

Even when man boasts of having travelled through eons of evolution and progress, how little he has bee able to harness, till, sow and harvest and how much more lies barren and sterile without giving copious yield! As a result his granary is never full! Instead of plentifulness, there is a gross dearth of stock! A great write! !

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Gajanan Mishra 18 June 2013

eyes set even to the nocturnal skies, good poem, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment and vote.

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