Dark, Dark, Dark Poem by Tomas Prato

Dark, Dark, Dark

Rating: 4.5

O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon,
Irrecoverably dark, total eclipse
Without all hope of day!
As I enter the dark world of this online poetry site
(Darker than the darkest night)
I feel that I should abandon all hope
(Is this the gate of hell?
Have they cast a witch's spell
Over all who enter here?

Vague forms dangling from ropes,
Shapeless figures drowning in overheated sludge.
They're mucking about, each one a hypocritical drudge.
I smell fear and despair
In the noxious asphyxiating air.
I see sentences hacked to death,
And stanzas swooning (out of breath) .
The complete absence of punctuation marks
Makes the poems ooze with slime
(There's not even a trace of rhyme!) .

I feel I am drowning in some deep dark well.
Am I in the nethermost chambers of hell?
I've lost my sight, but not my smell
(These poetic hacks cannot even spell!)
What makes things worse is the way
They butter one another up
With gushing praise and false accolades,
Every one of them, with failed grades,
Unable to write a poem that's tolerable,
Though I must say their versions
Are hideously ‘holler'-able!

Saturday, December 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: reality
Bri Edwards 28 November 2018

(CONT.) 2- BUT, here we can sometimes blame PH for grammatical atrocities, especially this past year! ! I say “nethermost” is a ‘new word’ for me. Check for a missing period in stanza #3. ; ( To MyPoemList. Bri (:

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Bri Edwards 28 November 2018

1 – yes, a spell has enveloped all who dared to tread here! ! [[ and some smells as well ]] favorite lines so far: ..... I see sentences hacked to death, And stanzas swooning (out of breath) i applaud your criticism...[not about ME or MINE of course]..., and i ..[ yes, I sometimes do not capitalize “i” in my messages and comments! ]…would feel remiss if i did not mention the parenthesis missing from stanza # 1. (CONT.)

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