A Place For Old Cows Poem by Tomas Prato

A Place For Old Cows

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This is a place
For old cows to
Live out their last days
Writing third-rate poetry;
A place where you flatter
One another with
Insincere comments
That reach the depths
Of gushing thoughtless praise.

It is the country of the blind,
The deaf and the dumb,
Their poetic skills all disabled;
This is where the third-rate poets come.
You have to go through the muck
Of a hundred stupid poems
Before you find some rare,
Well-crafted lines. I wonder
Why that good poet decided to step
Into this noxious fen.

Poor man, he will sink deep
Into the mire;
And like poetasters of old,
He will write his verses for hire.
He will churn out incorrigible stuff,
But his flatterers will keep crying
(Even as he's dying
From this poetry curse) ,
'Keep writing more; this is not enough.
We want to be pickled to the gills
With rotten stinking verse! '

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: reality
Liza Sudina 22 December 2016

I'm an exception - I am young! But I adore old cows and bulls! just ADORE them!

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Tom Billsborough 22 December 2016

I've sent you a message about this poem, Tomas.

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Bri Edwards 27 December 2016

the end of the poem gave me an audible laugh. i mean i, Bri, did laugh, NOT the poem. i believe you are putting out such poetry for fun, somewhat, but i will agree that some PH poems are not my cup of tea, even as other readers seem to adore them. it does baffle me sometimes how differently people react to reading the same thing. were you trying to flirt with Judith? did you do as she suggested in her comment? ? ? of the poems i've read, i thought Judith's were superb............or at least quite fine. ;) i think you are purposely throwing in a few rhymes for us who like rhyming in poems. i take a poem, rhymes or not, if it is well-written and especially if i ALSO understand it. a few get by on the way they SOUND, though i don't understand them at all! i've had a big complaint about you from a PH member. perhaps he is too touchy. no! not THAT way.....that i know of! let me look at another. this one to MyPoemList, for kicks, if not for its 'attitude', which i hope is meant to be more playful than sinister. it is, in MY opinion, also well-written. bri :) p.s. A place where you flatter One another with Insincere comments.............i like these lines, BUT......i really think some of the comments i read which seem so unbelievable............. (about poems i don't care for/dislike even!) ................ ARE sincere. it is a matter of different perceptions sometimes. but i also don't doubt that some readers have been 'taught' to say something good OR say nothing at all [to paraphrase an old saying from my childhood].

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Georgios Venetopoulos 24 December 2016

To Caroline - Poem by George Gordon Byron Think'st thou I saw thy beauteous eyes, Suffus'd in tears, implore to stay; And heard unmov'd thy plenteous sighs, Which said far more than words can say? Though keen the grief thy tears exprest, When love and hope lay both o'erthrown; Yet still, my girl, this bleeding breast Throbb'd, with deep sorrow, as thine own. But, when our cheeks with anguish glow'd, When thy sweet lips were join'd to mine; The tears that from my eyelids flow'd Were lost in those which fell from thine. Thou could'st not feel my burning cheek, Thy gushing tears had quench'd its flame, And, as thy tongue essay'd to speak, In sighs alone it breath'd my name. And yet, my girl, we weep in vain, In vain our fate in sighs deplore; Remembrance only can remain, But that, will make us weep the more. Again, thou best belov'd, adieu! Ah! if thou canst, o'ercome regret, Nor let thy mind past joys review, Our only hope is, to forget! George Gordon Byron

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Valia Maistrou 23 December 2016

It's outrangeous! ! such a waste of words! ! such a waste of time to read such a meaningless text! ! you should have gone for walk instead...! !

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Tomas Prato 24 December 2016

You don't have to take it so personally. Is your outburst the expression of a 'guilt complex'. There is a saying about 'the shoe pinches'. Listen! This is strong and forceful truth, and those who love lies will continue to be deluded.

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Lantz Pierre 23 December 2016

All of us here in search of a real life. Pull up a chair and relax.

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Georgios Venetopoulos 23 December 2016

In response to thy private message: My lord; We are apprehensively awaiting to read and be awed by thy never published poetic skills. Art thou planning to bless the rest of the world with thine astonishing verses, yet? We, modest herds of bulls and cows, are begging thee to seize being so timid, and march triumphantly towards the never reached litterature peaks thou art destined to conquer. I wish thee good luck in thine endeavors.

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