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Senora Olivia
From Bolivia
Met Herr Willy
From Chile

This is a place
For old cows to
Live out their last days
Writing third-rate poetry;

O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon,
Irrecoverably dark, total eclipse
Without all hope of day!
As I enter the dark world of this online poetry site

Antofagasta, Chile's second-largest city,
a jumble of one-way streets,
high-rise concrete buildings,
modern malls, crazy traffic

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Olivia From Bolivia

Senora Olivia
From Bolivia
Met Herr Willy
From Chile
(Wilhelm was his name,
Gunther his surname.)
She was a Spanish dame.
He was German
(Middle name Hermann)
Of Nazi fame.
Fled Berlin in '45
Was glad to be alive,
Living in Chile
As Grandfather Willy.
Sounds silly,
But he was 75
And she was 30.
Sprightly and flirty.
He was a Junker.
Fell for her
Hook, line and sinker.
The day they wed
He died in bed
Of old age or poor health.
But she inherited
All his wealth.

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Bri Edwards 28 November 2018

WELL, over a year ago i left a comment below this one. i'm glad i've finally heard from him again.

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Bri Edwards 01 January 2017

well, though one of my PH friends almost detested TP and his poems, i found the poet and his poems .......refreshing! ? he was/is.......[seems he may be gone but not forgotten from PH; or just disguised by another name? ? ]......not quite the same as some others on here and i can see why some may have been threatened by his poem comments. i kinda hope he is still here and that i shall hear from him again. :) bri

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