Olivia From Bolivia Poem by Tomas Prato

Olivia From Bolivia

Rating: 2.7

Senora Olivia
From Bolivia
Met Herr Willy
From Chile
(Wilhelm was his name,
Gunther his surname.)
She was a Spanish dame.
He was German
(Middle name Hermann)
Of Nazi fame.
Fled Berlin in '45
Was glad to be alive,
Living in Chile
As Grandfather Willy.
Sounds silly,
But he was 75
And she was 30.
Sprightly and flirty.
He was a Junker.
Fell for her
Hook, line and sinker.
The day they wed
He died in bed
Of old age or poor health.
But she inherited
All his wealth.

Monday, December 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: history
Chuy Amante 19 December 2016

maybe in chile but not so silly he took his pill, got a thrill she, him did kill and took his bill!

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Georgios Venetopoulos 24 December 2016

Should we expect to read Toreador from Ecuador., sire?

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Georgios Venetopoulos 24 December 2016

Thy masterpiece Hypotenuse convinced me thou art right whatever you may write. Cheers.

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Tomas Prato 24 December 2016

This is not a 'really funny poem'. This is a 'red herring' - a silly shoddily-written exercise meant to catch flattering and hypocritical commentators unawares. Remember, the poem A Place For Old Cows. That was the bitter truth; but many of the poetasters on PH did not accept it. On the other hand, a bad poem like Olivia From Bolivia is appreciated!

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Tomas Prato 24 December 2016

I wish you would speak from the heart when you comment on poems - not just mine! You should be thankful that I've exposed the unconscious hypocrisy and flattery that exists in most of us. We are not honest or bold enough to say that most of the poetry on this site is nothing but crap. It's crappier than Olivia From Bolivia which was the 'height' of slipshod poetry....and you fell for it! Laugh it off, Tom, and be honest when you respond to poems - honest enough to say that rubbish is rubbish even if it is from the best of your PH friends!

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Tom Billsborough 24 December 2016

I didn't say it was brilliant. But it's the only effort that made me laugh. The rest of your crappy attempts at verse made me wonder why you think you're qualified to comment on others. You are one sad guy.

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Georgios Venetopoulos 23 December 2016

Volkswagen is German, too, sire.

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Tom Billsborough 19 December 2016

Lucky girl! and a really funny poem. It's great to be silly now and again, here and in Chile!

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