Darkness Poem by Dewald Viljoen


Rating: 2.6

Where do you hide,
when the cold night surrounds you?
Where do you run to,
when loneliness stalks you?

Who do you long for,
when your heart beats hollow in the dark?
Who protects you,
from the black shadows on the wall?

What do you find,
in the empty corners of your mind?
What do you see,
in the cold moon light?

Do you count the minutes, quietly dripping away?
Do you stare into the night, awaiting the first light?

When you search your soul,
do you still find it half and incomplete?
Can you feel you silent heart,
beating out of pace with mine?
Are your pillows still soaked,
with the crystal tears from your sad eyes?

Can you remember,
a time before this when life was easier?
Do you keep your faith,
in tomorrow and the possibility it holds?

Do you still have regrets?
Can you still feel the hope?

How will you fight,
your demons in the night?

Will you hide,
or will you rage, alone until the light?

Pandora Chaos 29 August 2008

WOW! ! ! ! ! ! that was amazing. the best poem of that kind i hav ever read honestly. i give it a 100% an i may ill add it to my fav poems.

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Shannon Wright 15 January 2008

Absolutely riveting. -shannon

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Dewald Viljoen

Dewald Viljoen

Swakopmund, Namibia
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