Daughter In Low ** Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

Daughter In Low **

Rating: 4.2

In a pretty package
tired up with a ribbon and a bow
the bride bared gifts
to the new mother in low

The older woman's eyes
gleamed with happiness,
mouth wide open with surprise
as she reached out for the package,
not knowing it was about to bring her wreckage

In anticipation she opened the box
more worthy to her, then all the wealth in Fort Knox.
She puled out the mystery gift, and lo;
A towel, one gold coin and a pair of scissors.
'What an intriguing choice' she said
' But I'll cherish it non the less'

'O mother in low 'was the reply
' The gifts are to be used, not cherished
The instructions are on the card
make sure you read and comprehend
it is not very heard...........'

'With the towel dear mother in low
you shall wipe your hands of your son.
Your influence over him is done.
He is now mine to keep,
he is into me way too deep
From here on he will only listen to me
You shall become his distant memory'

Mother in lows heart sank lower then low,
yet she wanted to know what else was in store.
With inquisitive look on her face she held the gold coin
half expecting to bring her more pain, more ruin

' One gold is what i pay' said the daughter in low
for all you heard work through out the years,
for bringing him up,
for your suffering, pain and tears,
for all your sleepless nights
while he was out on his many plights,
for all your self denial.
Brave mother in low, don't stop to smile,
you did everything you can
and turne him into a fine man;
Good looking, heard working.........'said the young lass
and added; ' You may wish us now a God bless

Because, with the scissors, mother in low
You shall cut your tongue off
so you'll speak no evil off me
Your thoughts and opinions
have no more value, you see.
Everything you will do or say,
forward from this day
will be considered as meddling and not nice.
We will be fine, with out your old fashion advice.'

Mother in low stood there gob smacked
She thought she was having a heart attack...........
Once she was able to speak,
she softly uttered: 'What goes around
may one day come around'

Rakesh Bedi 24 October 2009

nice poem, milica...i enjoyed it.....

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Raj Arumugam 25 October 2009

excellent poem - great humor and yet great truth about life from everyone's perspectives

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Alfred Cawe 14 May 2010

Intelligently organized....I love it

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 02 November 2009

excellent poem - cleverly expressed

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Mamta Agarwal 31 October 2009

Milica, this is priceless, very like a parable. in the arrogance of youth children forget time will catch up with them too. how low could the daughter go. the theme of this poem Milica is very topical. you have presented with great mystery, humour and finally faced with great reselience. i just submitted a poem its always too late on the same theme. great style and presentation. Mamta

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 29 October 2009

Mother in low stood there gob smacked She thought she was having a heart attack........... Once she was able to speak, she softly uttered: 'What goes around may one day come around'....Milicaca madame it is really a day for daughter-in-law but soon table will be turned on her..she will go through same phase as is the tradition... very good write and appealingand it is happening in eavrbody's life...10 read mine..old age home.....sun...sun n son

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Alison Cassidy 28 October 2009

This modern day parable is both confronting and amusing. Your final couplet is cleverly expressed and straight to the point. An interesting story, told with relish. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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