Burne Poems** Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

Burne Poems**

Rating: 5.0

Burn poems,
burn in the fire you ignited in me
with passion.
Burn poems,
Free me from my obsession.
Give me back my sanity,
my freedom,
my serenity.
Fly poems
torn in pieces.
Fly in the wind.
Fly with your butterflies,
your doves and sparrows,
with your guardian angels
with broken wings.
Fly over the pink mountains.
All the way
to the distant purple sunsets.
Ride poems,
ride on your fluffy white clouds
over the rainbow
in the azure sky
sprinkled with raindrops,
with tears
of lovers with broken hearts.
Ride on the wings of the dark night.
Lend on the silvery moon.
Don't lend in my restless heart again.

Rakesh Bedi 29 August 2009

I think every creative artiste's helplessness/dilemma? ? ?

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Frank Lambert 01 September 2009

Hi Milicia, This is an unusual verse, one I enjoyed reading very much. Not just because it was unusual but also because it was full of great imagery. Thanks for sharing. Frank

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Irene Clark-hogg 01 September 2009

Poetic words are magic, perhaps they belong in your heart. Love the images your words create, the sky full of words. Irene *hug*

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 03 September 2009

Free me from my obsession. Give me back my sanity, my freedom, my serenity! ................what lovely presentation sir.it is true and pure feelings. if poetry can not deliever the goods then no use of having it.very well expressed....10 read mine i am disgrace...humble submission.....no violence

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Alaude Solus 16 March 2010

A very creative poem showing great imagination. It shows a lot of personifications. Truely poetical. I can visualize poems burning, flying, and riding on the vast blue sky... 10 ^^

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Maria Shipka 24 October 2009

I cannot tell nothing else only 'Great! '. Thank you much Milica for your comments, for giving me courage on my first steps here on PoemsHunter :)

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Paul Butters 19 September 2009

I trust you didn't! Mustn't lose great poetry like this. P.

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Apothecary Montague 16 September 2009

great poem, perfect in all aspects.

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Raj Arumugam 05 September 2009

Milica - the poem expresses the agony of the creative spirit very well indeed...It's like we love it and yet we hate this creative spirit when it descends on us...

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