Dawson Poem by Katherine Perry


Rating: 4.5

Once upon a time
There was a baby boy
He was born in May
On a glorious day
And oh how he brought much joy

About seven pounds
And hair light brown
With eyes as big as could be
His skin kind of tan
A handsome little man
In a world waiting just for him to see

When just a toddler at two
He loved to listen to songs
For when they played
He would try to sing along
And when the beat was enhanced
He would then start to dance
If you let him, he would do this all
day long

By the time he was three
He was smart as could be
And loved the computer in the den
In a chair pulled close
With a controller in hand
He was ready for the challenge to begin

Getting older and growing bigger
He started playing baseball with his dad
And is still playing baseball today
With his dad as his personal coach
He has reason's to boast
Cause he's a great player, that lad i'd

He's an all around sports playing kid
Playing basketball too
But watch out on the court
He's got moves of all sorts
But plays with a good attitude

He loves his school
And his teachers too
And his grades are what every parent loves
to see
For a child that knows
Is a child that grows
Into what he wants to be

With many friends by his side
A leader i'd say
Always holding his head high
When time to go home everyday

Looking forward to another challenge or two
When he arrives home each night
Playing video games is what he loves to do
Trying to win, he gets loud while he fights

He's now slowly learning as he gets older
There is a time and place for everything
But when he hears 'it's homework time' it's
all over
It's hard then to try and get him to do

Growing up fast and getting older
He is becoming much bolder
But just like a beautiful rose comes with it's
He's learning that nature's beauty also comes
with it's storms!

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