Daydream Poem by Sam Smith


As I sit beside you, I see a million things.
From my wildest pleasures, to my devils wings.
You would be amazed to see,
All the dreams that come to me.

I see all those things I've done,
And all of those, that are yet to come.
All of those friendships I've made,
And all those stories that have begun to fade.

But there is one that has become,
My favorite daydream of them all.
The dream that stands so tall,
Over all those pleasures, that are yet to come.

The dream were you and her exist,
And the love we share persists.
In the place where our dreams intersect,
In the place all others reject.

In it I've seen you, pure and white.
And me, dressed, as black as night.
In it I've seen, you in bed,
With an angel in arms, while I kiss her fore head.

Not only that, but I've also seen,
That angel become a queen.
As smart and pretty as you,
And as mean and witty as us too.

But the best part of my daydream is,
When we sit and talk about the things we miss.
You sitting there, wrinkly and grey,
But in my eyes, as beautiful as if it were today.

Yes, this is my greatest dream.
My queen, my princess, and I.
This is what my heart can't cease to scream,
For in this daydream, I am happy, and this is no lie.

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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