Days Of Confusion

Days of confusion,
have you always thinking of the wrong conclutions
dont even know who your accusion
dont have the trust
and for you and me its a must
but cant and wont happen
u keep bringing up the past,
i knew we would int last
make things so hard like if we was to wraped in a cast
i wish we can keep it simple
like the rest of the people
theres nothing to understand
all i ever wanted to do is just hold your hand
but now you probably have plans
i just want you to know
i never ment wrong
i still think of you when i hear that song
been with you for soo long
but there's no more working things out
nothing to talk about
maybe you can go your own route
and ill go mine
and maybe next time i wont lie or deny
but want you to know for you ill always cry
and always did try...
but now it seems like time for good bye...

Daniel Tyler 10 April 2006

Yes, I liked the energy here and the rhyming is effectively used. from reading your work, I sense you have a lot of natural rhythm because the bounce of the phrasing, as I call it, is very strong and assertive. Most impressive.

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