What A Life

Days pass me by,
not knowing whats next,
But whats the real test?
Everyday I end up with something less,
with more pain in my chest...
Wishing u were here for me to caress,
but all I do now is stress,
life seems like a mess
But only you know whats best,
so I ll leave you alone for you to rest...
Dont have to worrie,
nOw you can have all the fun and glory,
it can be a whole new love story...
I keep in mind
that your a libra sign
u said you loved my talent,
but I say your off balance,
youre tiping the scale
your proabably already with the other male
I feel like all I ever did was fail
but I wont prevail...
I wish I could sustain this pain,
that inflicts my brain!
every minute I feel like am going insane!
My life is never goint to be the same
I feel the anger, and agony running down my veins! ! !
I feel nothing but shame
I bet you wish I should have never came...

vocal one...

Mary-Elizabeth Conn 14 April 2006

Loving your work! Rock on :)

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