Robert Araya Poems

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How Come? Good To Bad?

despretly yet so patiently
waiting for the time to pass by
so i sit here and write
my thoughts of mind

Neglect To Forget

Can't forgive nor forget
bad memories I neglect...
To reject all the effects of the past...
Pictures, letters, gifts are all trashed...

A Scar With No Name...

A scar with no name,
a selft inflected stain
in my heart as I breah in
I inhale pain...


Judged by color and race
all after the paper chase
each segregated in diffirent categoreies
searching for glory, and that American dream

Out Of Ink

'How could you'
Leave me alone in the dark
with no soul?
agony, I must swallow it whole,

What A Life

Days pass me by,
not knowing whats next,
But whats the real test?
Everyday I end up with something less,

Days Of Confusion

Days of confusion,
have you always thinking of the wrong conclutions
dont even know who your accusion
dont have the trust