Dead Woman Walking On Her Feet: Dedicated To Vicky Poem by Paula Glynn

Dead Woman Walking On Her Feet: Dedicated To Vicky

It is 8 o'clock in the morning
And she is a dead woman
Walking on her feet
She is extremely tired and just needs to sleep
Even though she should feel wide awake

Suffering from nasty COVID-19
She has no energy to stay up and party
She has no energy to meet friends
She has no energy to do normal daily things
She has no energy to even listen to the radio and sing

Mornings always a problem:
A dead woman walking on her feet
Not able to handle office politics and deceit
Not able to deal with clients that cheat
Not even able to summon the energy to be angry

All she can fantasise about at night-time
Is having her head on a pillow and deep sleeping
She loves the night-time sleep
She loves staying in that bedroom for hours on end
Not wanting dreaded morning to arrive

Telling friends she is just too tired
Having not been tired for years and years
Not going out NOT because of fears
She simply wants night-time to come:
So she can fully sleep and continually rest

Having somehow contracted COVID-19
She is exhausted, struggling to breathe
Having had a career where she did achieve
But now she is struggling to breathe
COVID-19 suffocating her with its deadly disease

She lays there in intensive care
Remembering being told to beware
Of the killer virus COVID-19
That was circulating the world's population
Its origins from China: although still not completely understood

Now laying in a hospital bed in an induced coma
Breathing on an oxygen machine
The woman to blankly dream and dream
Not remembering those dreams when woken up
Her memories of that time lost at sea

A dead woman walking on her feet
Having had COVID-19 that she did defeat
Needing physiotherapy that did help her cheat
The nasty side effects of COVID-19
A killer virus that does often strike the vulnerable

The world changed from the virus
Most having the vaccine
Yet some not: through various fears
But it would be foolish to decide to not
When all they hear are the ambulance sirens

Rescuing those COVID-19 victims in need
Even though they are not obviously wounded
That did not necessarily bleed
Yet still deeply having the medical services they need
And getting back to normal life do succeed

Many living to tell the COVID-19 story
Many COVID-19 victims living to old age
Telling many stories of the killer virus on the stage
For everyone needs to know the danger and effects
Of how to prevent dying when young in age.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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