Dear Divinity... Poem by Jaya Mishra

Dear Divinity...

Away from love, care and home
Life brings pain
Thats not unknown.
But here divinity, give me strength
To fight the pain
That comes hidden in these names.

I pray you divinity,
Send me some power
To contain it all inside
Yet let my eyes not shower.

I do not dread the heavy weights
Nor am I afraid of dark ways
Just need a promise divinity
For you to be there...
When I carry these weights
When I walk the slippery stairs.

There is possessiveness, there is jealousy
And I am severly hurt inside
Help me divinity
I am able this to hide.
May the fire is full grown
I ask you not to let the smoke roam.
Hide this smoke
Hide it behind my smile
Send me some strength
To escape those piercing whiles.

Hey there divinity,
Bless me with maturity
Bless me the art of sharing
Bless me sincerity.

Bless my eyes not to run
When I see them content wihout me
Bless my heart not to burn
When I realise, I am not the one.

Bless me with faith
In you and in time
And in the power of healing.
Bless me with patience
To wait and watch
And see who returns to me.

O there divinity,
Send me that strength
To sit and watch me getting replaced
In their lives, in their hearts
And still I live with same pace.

And dear divinity
Fill me with strength
To watch myself fall as the second priority.
Give me the strength
To become their pillar
Yet be able to live
Without any pillars in my life.

Love me divinity,
Love me such love
That never can lessen.
Take me divinity
Take me away from every human feeling
Take me away from everything that can hurt
Take me away from this human love...
Love that is like seasons
Love that hurts
Love that kills
Love that has demands
Love that expects
Love that wants love to mine
Love that is full of possessiveness....

Free me divinity,
Free me from such love.
Love me your way...
Love that turns things beautiful
Love that believes in sharing
Love thats magical
Love that feels like love itself....

Free me divinity,
Free me from such chains
Calm my eyes that bleeds
To see me sharing whats mine.
Calm my heart that bleeds
To console myself everythings alright.

Gift me divinity,
The pleasure of sacrifice.
Teach me divinity,
Not to justify.

Assure me divinity,
You are always there
When I cry alone
You do stare....
Assure me divinity,
I am never alone
You are my paths
You are my home....
And give me the strength
Of being able to love you
Even in the toughest tests
I dont loose my faiths in you.
And I remind you always
Not just to ask and to bless
But thank you for listening
And being my friend best....

Kishor Pathak 04 January 2013

Felt like singing a song...fab use of rhymes and imagination...Keep up the good work jaya

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