Dear God Poem by Randy McClave

Dear God

Dear God
I'm writing you this letter,
Because of you God
I'm becoming so much better.
I thank you God for all that you have given me,
Even at first, when I didn't or wouldn't see.

I give a simple acrostic as a guide to you as I pray
In the form of the fifth book of the New Testament A.C.T.S,
Each letter in that acrostic stands for one of the key elements I say
Which is in my heart then, and then on my lips as facts.
Not only does this acrostic remind me of the priority of each,
But, also how I must teach.

The first element of prayer is, "Adoration"
For a form of how I give my praise,
Which inspires samples of Godly prayer forming our creation
To which my heart is ablaze.
As I grow in discipline and in delight of prayer,
Because, I know that most certainly that God is there.

The second prayer should include, "Confession"
The confessing of our own sin,
We know who we are when we come into God's session
A new life we then want to begin.
And from God's love and from his holiness,
We all have need of his forgiveness.

The third element we should always give is, "Thanks"
Remembering the grace and mercy God has shown towards us,
On all the seas and all of the banks
As he gave us his only begotten son, Jesus.
We must always remember the love that God is giving,
As we are searching for him, and living.

The fourth prayer includes petition or, "Supplication"
Bringing our requests for the needs of ourselves and others to God,
To God we seek our eternal salvation
As we know God is real and not never a fraud.
I thank you God for forgiving me of the sins that I had piled,
Signed: Your loving Christian child.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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