Death Shall Die Poem by Qiniso Mogale

Death Shall Die

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Someday death shall die
A time shall come when death shall die
Sometime in the near future death shall die
Soon and very soon death shall die
Death is knocking on death's door
Death draws nigh for death
Death draws near to death
Death beckons for death.

Death shall die
Those in Christ shall live in eternal peace
But death shall never rest in peace
Death shall cease to exist
Death shall collapse to death
Death shall freeze to death
Most assuredly death shall burn to death
Death shall die of hunger because it shall
no longer be allowed to murder.

Death shall die
Death shall burn in the lake of fire
Death shall no longer have power
Death shall no longer be feared
Death shall no longer be dreaded
Death shall forever be denounced
Death shall forever be banished
The death of death shall leave Satan hopeless and hapless
The death of death shall shall leave Satan

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: modern
Abhimanyu Kumar.s 15 November 2017

It's good to say that but death is too the End creation of lord for a ma. Interesting poem though

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Qiniso Mogale 15 November 2017

Do read Revelations 20: 14.Death shall be thrown into the lake of fire which suggests that death shall be done away with in the end. That is the spirit behind the poem dear poet

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Gurleen Kaur Narang 18 July 2017

Nice words that indeed persuade us to think, think about death of death! 10+++.

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Qiniso Mogale 18 July 2017

I thank you Gurleen

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