Deep Of The Water Poem by buried alive

Deep Of The Water

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Take, me down
by the river meadow,
where time stands still
if only, forever

Take, me down
by the frigid water,
to where it drowned,
where it lies deep under

where I let it go,
where I couldn't hold on,
where it drifted away,
where I watched it drown!
still seemingly calm, but beneath the surface
hidden whirlpools, a sweeping current!

Take me down!
by the edge of the water,
and I shall look down
for my soul at the bottom!

Take me down
in the deep of the water!

where i drowned in life

.......swept away by that river.

Monday, May 9, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Laurie Van Der Hart 21 April 2017

Very dramatic and well-expressed. I like the progression by repetition. Life is really like a river in flood sometimes, a tsunami. And death is never far away. I second Alex Drax's comment and suggestion, though of course there are other sources of peace and coping.

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K J 05 June 2011

Ever tried Scuba diving. Whenever I feel down and morose, I head down to the ocean and put on my gear and head to the deepest parts of the ocean around, as far as the mixture in my tank and the suit allows, I stay there for a long time. I stay there in silence and in the dark murky depth, it always brings peace to me. When I surface, I am recharged and refresh, all the sadness is gone and I feel reborn and all the memories which triggered by sadness dissipate and lie dormant. Maybe thats what the water is telling you, to come in it's depths and be freed of all your sadness. Water is the greatest purifier for the soul.

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Norman Mukwakwami 11 May 2011

Great bring out the feeling of despair perfectly well..well written!

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