Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,950 Points (4.07.1972.)

Demon. Mikhail Lermontov. - Poem by Yuri Starostin

* PART 1 *


The melancholy Demon, the spirit of exile,
He flew over the sinful earth,
And the best days of the memories
Before him crowd by the herd;
Those days, when in the dwelling of light
He shine, the pure cherub,
When the traveling comet
By the kindly smile of greeting
It liked to change the places with him,
When, through the eternal fogs
Greedy of the knowledge, he watched
The wandering caravans
In the space of the abandoned stars;
When he believed and beloved,
The happy firstborn of creation!
Do not know neither a malice, nor a doubt.
And the centuries of the fruitless series is dismal
Do not threaten to his mind...
And a lot of, a lot of... and all
To remember, he had no a strength!


Long ago the rejected was wandered
In the wilderness of the world without a shelter:
After a century by a century fled,
As for a minute a minute,
By the monotonous succession.
Dominating the void earth,
He sowed the evil without a delight.
Nowhere to his art
He had never meet a resistant -
And the evil was bore him.


And over the tops of Caucasus
The exile of the paradise flew:
Under him Kazbek, as a facet of the diamond,
By the eternal snow shone,
And, deep down be black,
Like the crack, the home of the serpent,
Radiant Daryal was curled,
And Terek, jumping, like a lioness
With the shaggy mane on the ridge,
Was roared, - and the mountain beast and bird,
Swirling in the azure height,
To the water verb have listened;
And the golden clouds
From the southern countries, from afar
To the North sent him;
And the rocks by the tight crowd,
Of the mysterious slumber are full,
Over his head bent,
Watching the flickering waves;
The towers and castles on the rocks
Looking menacingly through the fogs-
At the gates of Caucasus on the clock
The keeper giants!
And be wild and wonderful was around
All God's world; but the proud spirit
By the contemptuous eye was looked around
The creation of his God,
And on his forehead high
Do not influence anything.


And before him the other paintings
The beauty living blooms:
The luxurious Georgia valley
By the carpet was stretched away;
The happy, lush edge of the earth!
The column- viewed raine.
The ring-flowing water
At the bottom of the colored stones,
And the booths of the roses, where the nightingales
Sing the beauty-ines, unanswered
To the sweet voice of their love;
The chinar shady porchs,
Crowned by the thick ivy.
The caves, where by the scorching day
The deers are timid;
And the shine, and the life, and the noise of the leafs,
The hundred sounds dialect of the voices,
The breath of the thousands of a plants!
And the half day lascivious heat,
And by the aromas dew
Always the humidified night,
And the stars are bright as the eyes,
As the sight of the young Georgian! ..
But, in the addition to the cold envy,
The nature of the glint does not stirred
In the barren chest of the exile
No a new feelings, no a new forces;
And all that was before him he saw,
He despised or hated.


The tall house, the wide courtyard
Grey-haired Gudal to himself built...
The works and tears it had a lot of cost
To the obedient servants since the past time.
In the morning on the slope of the neighbouring mountains
From its walls the shadows lay.
In the rock the chop-ed steeps;
Its rows from the corner tower,
Leads to the river, gleaming on its,
Covered by the white veil of the gauze,
Young princess Tamara
To Aragva walks for water.


Always silently in the valley
The gloomy house looking from the crag;
But the great feast is today in it -
The zurna sounds, and the wine poured -
Gudal betrothed his daughter,
On the feast he called all family.
On the roof, covered by the carpets,
The bride sits between the girlfriends:
Among the games and songs their leisure
Passes. By the far mountains
Yet hidden the sun Crescent had;
In the palm do steady beat,
They sing- and her drum
The young bride takes.
And now she is, by one hand
Circling over him head,
So suddenly rush by the easier birds,
So stops, looks -
And her wet sight shine
Under the envious eyelashes;
So by the black eyebrow drive,
So suddenly bowed a little,
And on the carpet slides, swimming
Her divine foot;
And she smiles,
The fun child is full.
But the ray of the moonlight, on the shaky moisture
Playing sometimes a little,
Barely doesnt compare with that smile,
As the life, as the youth, living


I swear by the midnight star,
By the ray of the sunset and the East,
The prince of golden Persia
And none king of the earth
Do not kiss this kind eye.
The harem splashes fountain
Never in the heat times
By the pearl dew
Do not washed this camp!
Still the none hand of the earth,
By the lovely forehead go wandering,
Do not unravel such hair;
Since that times as the world lost the Paradise,
I swear, the beauty-ine of this kind
Under the sun of the South is not bloomed.


The last time she danced.
Alas! on the morrow expected
Her the successor of the Gudal.
The freedom fast child,
The sad fate of the slave is,
The Motherland alien till nowaday,
And the stranger family.
And often the secret doubt
Do dark the bright features;
And were all her movements
So slim, full of the expression,
So full of the sweet simplicity,
What if the Demon, flying,
At that time do looked her,
Then, the former brethren, remembering,
He would turned away - and have sighed...


And the Demon saw... For a moment
The indescribable excitement
In himself he felt suddenly.
The mute desert of his soul
Filled the Holy sound -
And again he destin-ate the Shrine
Of the love, goodness, and beauty! ..
And for a long time by the sweet picture
He admired - and the dreams
On the same happiness by the long chain,
Like a star go for the star,
Before him rolled then.
The chained by the unseen force,
He with the new sadness was know;
In him the feeling suddenly spoke
By the native some-when language.
So was neither a sign of the reviving?
The words of the insidious temptation
He find in him mind couldn't...
Forget? A oblivion I gave not God:
Yes he would not take an oblivion! ..


Br uising the good horse,
To the marriage feast on the sunset of the day
Hurry the impatient groom go.
Light Aragva, he happily
Reached the green banks.
Under the heavy burden of the gifts
Barely, barely re-steping,
For him the camels of a long series
By the road stretches, flickering:
Its bells are ringing.
He himself, Prince of Sinodal.
Leads the rich caravan.
The belt is tightened the agile camp;
The rim sword and dagger
Shining in the sun; behind
A gun with a carving notch.
The wind plays by the sleeves
Of him chukhi, - around all it
Impose by the lace.
By the colored silks embroidered
His saddle; the bridle with the tassels;
Under him all in a lather the horse dashing
Of the precious ointment, gold.
The frisky pet of Karabakh
Spinning by the ears and full of a fear,
Ripple do askance at the precipice
On the foam of the leaping waves.
The dangerous narrow the way coastal is!
The cliffs on the left side,
To the right the depth of the river rebellious.
It is too late. At the top of the snow
The glow extinguished; the fog rose...
The caravan added step.


And here the chapel on the road...
Here since the ancient years be eat in God
Some Prince, now the Saint,
Killed by the vengeful hand.
Since then, to the feast or to the battle,
Where the traveler would not hurry,
Always the fervent prayer
He at the chapel brought;
And that prayer have care
From the Muslim dagger.
But despised the dashing groom have
The custom of their grand-grandfathers.
Of him by the slyly dream
The evil Demon troubled:
He in the thoughts, under the darkness of the night,
Have kissed the lips of the bride.
Suddenly forward two ones glimpse,
And more - shot! 'what is it? ..
Standing on the ringing stirrups,
Pulled over his eyebrows caps,
The brave Prince had not said a word;
In his hand the flashed Turkish trunk,
The nagaycka flick ya i, like an eagle,
He rushed... and the shot again!
And the wild scream and deaf moan
Have flashed in the bottom of the valley -
Long continued the battle is:
Timid Georgians ran!


Quiet is all; the crowding by the crowd,
On the corpses of the riders sometimes
The camels with the horror have looking;
And muffled in the silence of the steppe
Their bells rang.
Sacked the lush caravan was;
And over the bodies of the Christians
The circles the night bird draw!
Not waiting for their the peaceful tomb were
Under the layer of the monastic plates,
Where the ashes of their fathers was buried;
The sisters and mothers don't come,
Covered by the long veils,
With the sorrow, weeping and pleading,
On the coffin of them from the far places!
But by the earnest hand
Here at the road, over the rock
To the memory the cross will stand;
And the ivy prospering in the spring,
Him, caressing, encircle
His emerald net;
And, turned from the difficult road,
Not once the tired pedestrian
Under the shadow of God's will rest...


The horse rushing faster the lany.
Snoring and torn, as to the war;
So suddenly rein the galloping,
Listen to the breeze,
Wide the nostrils flaring;
So, once in the land do striking
By the spikes of the ring hooves,
Waving by the disheveled mane,
Forward without a memory flies.
In him the rider silent is!
He beating on the saddle sometimes,
Leaning on the mane by his head.
He does not rule by the reins,
Sliding his feet in the stirrups,
And the blood by the broad jets
On the cherpack is visible.
The racer dashing, you do the master
From the battle rendered as the arrow,
But the evil bullet to Ossetian
Him in the darkness caught up!


In the Gudal family the weeping and groaning,
In the court the people crowd:
Whose the horse came burned in
And fell on the stones at the gate?
Who is this the lifeless rider?
Keep the trace of the abusive anxiety
The wrinkles of his dark face.
In the blood the weapons and clothes;
In the final frenzied пожатье
The hand on the mane froze.
Not long the young groom,
Bride, her sight have expected:
He kept the princely word,
At the wedding feast he rode in...
Alas! but never et again
Do not sit on a horse dashing! ..


For a carefree family
Like a bolt the God's judgment flew!
Fell on her bed,
Crying poor Tamara;
The tear rolls down for a tear,
The chest is high and difficult breathing;
And now she is seemed to hear
The magic voice over herself:
'Don't cry, baby! don't cry in vain!
Your tear on the corpse unvoiced
By the living dew will not fall:
Only the eye It is clogged clear.
The virgin cheeks it burns!
He is far away, he don't know,
Do not appreciate your longing;
The light of heaven now caresses
The unseen look of his eye;
He hear the paradise melodies...
What are the petty dreams of life,
And the tears and moan a poor maiden
For the visitor of the Paradise side?
No, the lots of the mortal creation
Believe me, my angel of the earth,
Not worth a moment
Your sadness is dear!

On the air ocean,
Without a rudder and without a sail,
Quietly floating in the mist
The slender choirs of the luminaries;
Among the un-revewed fields
In the sky go without a trace
The elusive clouds
Fibrous herd.
The hour of the separation, the farewell hour I am
To them neither a joy nor a sorrow;
Them in the future no an ambition
And the past is not a pity.
On the day of the lingering misery
You're about them only remember;
Be to the earthed without a partify
And careless as they are! '

'Only the night with her veil
The tops of Caucasus overshadow,
Only the world, the magic word
Is spellbound, stop;
Only the wind over the rock
Withered stir by the grass,
And the bird hidden in it,
Fly up in the darkness be a fun;
And under the vine of the grapes,
The dew of the heaven the swallowing greedily
Flower bloom into the night.
As only the gold month
From behind a mountain quietly stand
And on you stole look, -
To you I will come fly;
Come and stay I'll be until the morning star
And on the silk eyelashes
The golden dreams to evoke...'


The words fell silent in the far,
After the sound died sound.
She, jumping up, looks around...
The inexpressible confusion
In her breast; the sadness, the fear,
The delight ardour - nothing to compare.
All the feelings in her boil suddenly;
The soul break her chains
The fire through the veins ran,
And this voice is wonder-new,
To her seemed was, still go sounded.
And before the morning the desire sleep
Have boundary the tired eyes;
But the thought her he was outraged
By the prophetic and strange dream.
The mute and misty stranger
By the beauty go glint unearthly,
To her have bowed the head;
And his sight with such love,
So sad do looked at her,
As though he's about her have sorry.
That one was not the angel of the celestial.
Her divine guardian:
The crown of the rainbow rays
Have not graced his curls.
That one was not the terrible hell spirit,
The vicious martyr ' Oh, no!
He was like the evening is clear:
Neither a day nor a night, neither a darkness nor a light.

Part II


'Father, father, leave a threat,
Don`t scold yours Tamara;
I'm crying you see these tears,
Already its are not the first.
In vain the groom by the crowd
Hurry here from the far places...
In Georgia the brides are not a few;
And I will not be a wife to no one! ..
Oh, don't scold, father, me.
You are have notice: day by day
I fade, the victim of the evil poison!
The deceit spirit maul me
By the unreflected dream;
I am died, take pity me!
Give up to the Holy monastery
Yours reckless daughter;
There the saviour protects me,
Before him my anguish spill.
On the light no really fun to me...
The Holy shrine of the world to yield,
Lets the dark cell accept,
As the coffin, in advance me...'


And in a secluded monastery
Her the native have arrive,
And by the humble sackcloth
The breast of the young do clothed.
But in the monastic clothes,
As under the pattern brocade,
Be by the un-lawed dream
In her the heart beat has, as before.
In front of the altar, in the blaze of the candle,
In the hours of the solemn hymn,
The pleasant, among the prayer do,
To her often the speech hear was.
Under the vault of the dark temple
The familiar image sometimes
Sliding without a sound and trace
In the fog of the light incense;
It shone softly, like the star;
Beckoned and called it has... but where has? ..


In the coolness between the two hills
The holy monastery haunted has.
By the chinars and poplars be the rows
It surrounded was - and sometimes,
When was lay the night in the gorge,
Through its the splash is, in the windows of the cells,
The lampada of the young sinnerine.
All around, in the shadow of the trees of the almond,
Where the row is standing the sad crosses,
The silent keepers of the tombs;
The choirs of light birds sing lungs.
On the stones the jumped, noised
Keys gone by the cool wave,
And under the hanging rock,
Blending friendly in the gorge,
Rolled on, among the bushes,
Covered by the hoar-frost of the flowers.


To the North to see were the mountains.
In the glare of the morning dawn,
When the blued smoke
Mist in the valley,
And, turning to the East,
Call to prayer the muedzins,
And the resonant bell voice
Trembling, the monastery to awakening;
In the solemn and peaceful hour,
When the young Georgian
With the long jug for the water
From the abrupt mountain descend,
The snow top of the chain
By the light-lilac wall
On the clear skies were painted
And in the hour of the sunset its dressed
Have by the rosy haze;
And between its, cutting through the clouds,
Standing, above all by him head,
Kazbek was, the Caucasus mighty king,
In the turban and parcha rize.


But, full by the criminal thought,
Tamara heart has not access
To a clear delights. Before her
All world is dressed by the naze shadow;
And all to her in it the torture pretence -
And the morning ray and the darkness of the nights.
Sometimes, only the sleeping night
Coolness have embrace the earth,
Before the divine icon
She in the madness fall
And crying; and in the night silence
Her heavy crying
Has disturbing the traveller's attention;
And he thinks: 'That is the mountain spirit
Chained in the cave moans! '
And straining his sensitive listen,
Herd go on the haggard horse.


Full of the sorrow and awe,
Tamara is often at the window
Sitting in the meditation lonely
And looks afar by the diligent eye,
And the whole day, groaning, she waiting...
To her someone whispers, he will come!
No to reason the dreams pet her.
No to wonder he came to her.
With the eyes, full of the sadness,
And by the wonderful tenderness speeches.
Too many days she languishes,
She is do not knowing a reason;
To the saints do will pray she -
But the heart prays to him;
Tired by the usual struggle,
Neither do she decline on the sleeps bed:
The pillows burns, to her stuffy, scared,
And all, jumped up, she shiver;
Burning her chest and shoulders are,
There are no a forces to breathe, the fog in eyes,
The embrace eagerly seek to meet,
The kissing tawn in the lips...
......... ................


The evening shadows cover of the air
Do dressed et the hills of Georgia.
To the sweet habit be obedient.
In the abode the Demon flew.
But a long, long time he did not dare
The shrine of the peace shelter
To violate. And there was a minute
When seems he is ready
Leave the cruel intent.
The thoughtful at the high walls
He wanders: from him paces
Out the wind the leaf is trembled in the shadow.
He looked up: her window,
Lighted by the lampad, shine;
Waiting for someone she is a long time ago!
And among the general silence
The chingur harmony bryatzing
And the sounds of the songs are sounded;
And the sound of that have pour, pour,
As the tears rolled one by one;
And this song was gentle,
As for the land it
Was folded in the heaven!
Neither the angel is with a forgotten friend
Again to see has wanted,
Here furtively flew
And about the past to him sang,
To do sweeten his torment? ..
The nostalgia of the love, and its anxiety
The Daemon have feel for the first time;
He wants to in the fear go away...
The wing is not moving! ..
And, miracle! from the dimm eyes
The heavy tear is rolling...
Nowaday near the cells of that
The through -out- burned stone is visible
By the hot tear, like a flame,
Not a human tear! ..


And he come in, to love is ready,
With the soul, opened for the good,
And he thinks to the new life
That came the desired time is.
The vague thrill of the waiting,
The fear of the unknown mute,
As in the first meeting
Have to know with the proud soul.
That was the evil profit!
He enters, look- before him
The sender of the paradise, the cherubim,
The guardian of the beautiful sinneress,
Stand with the shining face
And from the enemy with the clear smile
Have yield her by the wing;
And the ray of the divine light
Suddenly has blinded the unclean look,
And instead the sweet greeting
There was gone the painful chastisement:


'Restless spirit, vicious spirit.
Who are called you in the midnight darkness?
Your fans are not here,
The evil is not breathing here nowaday;
To my love, to my sanctuary
Do not prolog the criminal trace.
Who has called you? '
To him to answer
The evil spirit has slyly grinned;
Flushed by the jealousy the look has;
And again in his soul
The old hatred poison awake.
'She is mine! 'he said sternly, -
Leave her, she's mine!
You came, defender, too late,
And to her, like me, you're not the judge.
On the heart, full of the proud,
I seal my stamp;
There are no more yours holy,
Here I am own and love! '
And the angel by the sad eyes
To the poor sacrifice has looked
And slowly, waving by the wings,
In the air of the heaven was drowned.

< br>

Oh! who are you? your speech is dangerous!
You to me the hell or the paradise sent?
What do you want? ..

You're beautiful!

But told, who are you? answer...

I'm the one to whom you listened
In the midnight silence,
Whose thought to yours soul is whispered,
Whose sadness you have vaguely guessed,
Whose image you had seen in the dream.
I'm the one whose sight ruin a hope,
Just-y the hope blossom,
I am the one whom no one loves,
And all living damn.

I am whip of my earth servants,
I'm the king of cognitions and freedom,
I'm the enemy of heaven, I evil of nature,
And, you see - I'm at your feet!
To you I brought in the mild-ing
The quiet prayer of the love,
The earth first torture
And the first tears mine.
Oh! Hear - from the regret!
Me to good and heavens
You could return by the word.
By the holy veil of yours love
I am dressed could see there.
As the new angel in the new splendor;
Oh! but hear up, I pray, I am
I am yours servant, - I love you!
As soon as I saw you -
And secretly suddenly have hated
The immortality and rule of my own.
I have envied involuntarily
The incomplete joy of the earth;
Not to live, like you, the hurt I get,
And was afraid -separately to live with you.
In the bloodless heart the ray unexpected
Again come warmed liver,
And the sadness at the bottom of the old wound
Have budge up, like the serpent.
What is without you to me this eternity?
Is my possessions infinity?
The empty sonorous words,
The large church - without a divinity!

Leave me, oh, spirit of the evil!
Be silent, I do not believe to the enemy...
The Creator... Alas! I can't
To pray...by the deadly poison
My mind weakening is embraced!
Listen, you will death me;
Your words — the fire and poison...
Tell me, why you love me!

Why, beauty-ine? Alas,
I don't know! .. Full of the new life,
From my criminal head
I proudly unmet the crown of the thorns,
All is past I throw in the ashes:
My Paradise, my hell in your sight.
Love you by the unearthly ardor,
So you can not to love:
By all the pleasure, by all the rule
Of the immortal thoughts and dreams.
In my soul, from to begin the world,
Your image was stamp,
In front of me it move
In the deserts of the eternal ether.
Long disturbing my thoughts,
My name is sweet has sound;
In the days of bliss me in Paradise
Only you I has not to suffice.
Oh! if you could understand
What a bitter languish is
To all my life, the centuries without a differ
And to enjoy and to suffer,
For the evil a praise have not to expect,
For the good -an award;
To live for myself, to blue by myself
And by this eternal struggle
Without a triumph, without a conciliation!
Always to be sorry, and to have not a desire,
All to know, all to feel, all to see,
Try all to hate up
And everything in the world to despise! ..
Only alone God's curse
Have fulfilled, from this day
The nature warm embrace
Forever has cold for me.
Blue before me space is;
I saw the wedding decorations
Of the luminaries, that I knew long ago...
Its are flowed in the crowns of gold;
But what is? the former fellow
To know no one has.
The exiles, like me,
I calling in despair became.
But the words and the faces and the eyes of evil,
Alas! I am did not recognise.
And in the fear I am, waving by the wings,
Ran - but where go? why?
Don't know... by the old friends
I was rejected; as Eden,
The world for me was deaf and mute.
By the free whim of the stream
So the damaged boat
Without a sails and without a rudder
Floats, do not knowing destination;
So by the early morning sometimes
The excerpt of the thunder clouds
In the azure high is blacken,
Alone, nowhere to thrust not daring,
Flying without a purpose and a trace,
God knows where from and where to!
And by the people I do not long rules.
To the sin do not long taught them,
All noble I do a glory-less,
And all the beautiful to scold has;
Not long... the flame of pure faith
Easily forever I has filled in them...
But have a cost either to my labor
Only the fools et hypocrites?
And I hid in the gorges of the mountains;
And began to wander, like a meteor,
In the darkness of deep midnight...
And the raced traveler go lonely,
Deceived by the near flame,
And in the abyss was falling with the horse,
In vain I calling and the trace of blood
For him twisted by the abrupt...
But the anger dark funs
I has like briefly!
In the struggle with a might hurricane,
How often, raising the dust,
Dressed by the strike and fog,
I by the thunder go raced in the clouds,
That in the rebellious crowd of the whether
A heart murmur to mute,
To escape from the inevitable thoughts
And the unforgettable to forget!
The story of the painful corrupts,
The toils and troubles of the people crowd
Of the future, past generations,
Before the one minute
Of my unrecognized torment?
What people do? what is their life and work?
They passed by, they will pass...
The hope has waiting for the right of the court:
Forgive he can at least condemn!
My sadness et is the dutyless here.
And the end of it, as me, not will be;
And don't to sleep in the tomb to her!
She so snuggle up, like a serpent,
So burns and roar like a flame,
So pushes my thoughts, like a stone I am
The hopes of the victims and passions
Invincible mausoleum! ..

Why should I know your sorrow,
Why you're complaining to me?
You have sinned...

Against you either?

O`er can to listen us! ..

We are alone.

And God!

Will not throw a sight:
He is engaged in the heaven, not by the earth!

And the punishment, the torments of the hell?

So what be go? You will be there with me!

Who would neither you was, my friend incidental, -
Corrupt the peace forever,
Inwill I am with the mystery joy,
Sufferer, listen to you.
But if your talk is false,
But if you are, hide the deception...
Oh! Spare! What is glory?
To what is mine soul to you?
Really to heaven I'm more expensive
Then all are not noticed by you?
They, alas! beautiful, too;
As here, their virgine bed
Is not rumpled by the death-hand...
No! give me the oath of fatal...
Say, - you see, I'm missing;
You see the women's dreams!
Involuntarily the fear in the soul you caress...
But you understand all, you know all-
And take a pity, of course, you will do!
Oath me... from the evil holding
To renounce now give the vow.
Neither no a vows, no a promises
Uncorrupted are no more? ..

I swear by the first day of the creation,
I swear by its of the last day,
I swearby the shame of a crime
And by the eternal truth triumph.
I swear by the falling bitter anguish,
By the victory of the brief dream;
I swear to meet with you
And again by the thunder apart.
I swear by the Horde of spirits,
By the fate of the brethren of my rule,
By the swords of the impassive angels.
By my un-sleeping enemies;
I swear by the sky and hell,
By the earthly sanctuary and you,
I swear by your last look
By yours first tear,
By yours un-angry mouth of the breath,
By the wave of the silk curls,
I swear by the bliss and suffer.
I swear by my love:
I have renounced the old revenge,
I have renounced the proud thoughts;
Now the poison of the insidious flattery
No-one's really do not disturb the mind;
I want with the sky to reconcile,
I want to love, I want to pray.
I want to believe in good.
By the tear of the repentance I wipe
On the forehead, decent you,
The traces of the heavenly fire -
And the world in the quiet un-leading
Let blossom on without me!
Oh! believe me, I'm alone now
Reconcile you and appreciate:
Choosing you by my Holy,
I have the rule folded at yours feet.
Your love I'm waiting for as a gift,
And the eternity I will give you for a moment;
In love, as in malice, believe, Tamara,
I unchanged and great.
You I am the son of the ether
Take in the over -stars edges;
And you will be the queen of the world,
My first girlfriend;
Without a regret, without a participant
To look at the earth you will become,
Where there is no a true happiness,
Neither a long-lasting beauty,
Where have a crime only et the penalty,
Where the passions of the petty only live;
Where do not hand without a fear
Neither to hate nor to love.
Or you don't know what is
The people minute love?
The excitement of the blood is young, -
But the days running and the blood curdling!
Who can stand against the apart,
The temptation of a new beauty,
Against the tire and boredom
And the same-manner dreams?
No! Is not to you, my girlfriend,
Find, order by the destiny
To wither silently in the narrow circle
Of the jealous rudeness by the slave,
Among the little souled and cold,
The friends artificial and enemies,
The fear and hopes infertiled,
The empty and painful labors!
Grief-ly behind the high wall
You don't ashed without a ardors,
Among the prayers, be equal far
From the divine and from the people.
Oh no, beautiful creature,
To other you are awarded;
You otherwise suffering is waiting for.
The other delights depth;
Leave et the past desires
And the pity light to his destiny:
The depths of the proud knowing
To exchange I will shew to you.
The crowd of the server spirits
I will bring to your feet;
The light and magic slaver-ess
You, nice-ine, I will give;
And for you from the star of the East
I pluck the crown of gold;
Will take with the flowers the midnight dew;
To its I strew by the dew;
By the beam of the red sunset
Yours camp, as by the tape, nested,
By the breath of the pure fragrance
The surrounding air I full up;
Hour -for-hour by the wonder play
Yours ear I will cherish;
The lush palaces I will build
Of the turquoise, the amber;
I crawl on the bottom of the sea
I will fly for the clouds,
I'll give you all, all the earth -
Love me! ..


And he has slightly
Touched by the hot gloss
To her trembling lips;
By the temptation full speeches
He answered to her prayers.
The mighty sight has looking her in the eyes!
He do burned her. In the darkness of the night
Over her right he was flashed,
Irresistible like a dagger.
Alas! the evil spirit was triumphed!
The deadly poison of his kissing
Instantly in her chest is penetrated.
The painful, awful scream
Has angered the night silence.
It had everything: the love, the pain.
The rebuke with the last plea
And the hopeless farewell -
The farewell with the young life.


At that time midnight career,
One around the abrupt walls
Has to pass quietly the certain way.
Wandering with the pig-iron board,
And near the cells of the young virgin
His rhythmic step he has tamed
And the hand over the pig -iron board,
Confused by the soul, has stopped.
And through the around silence,
It seemed to him, he heard
The two lips agree kiss,
The minute scream and faint groan.
And a wicked doubt was
Penetrated in the heart
Of the old man...
But the another moment swept
And all become quiet; from afar
Only the breath of wind
Bring the leafs grumble,
Yet with the dark shore sadly
The whispering mountain river is.
The canon of the saint please-er
He do hurry in the fear to read,
To the delusion of the evil spirit
From the sinful thoughts herd away;
Baptizes by the trembling fingers
By the dream the excited Breasts
And silently by the rapid steps
Continues the usual way.


As peri sleeping mild,
She was in her coffin lay,
Whiter and cleaner the curtain
Her face languid color was.
Forever lowered the lashes.
But who would, oh heaven! not said,
The sight beneath them only has asleep
And, wonderful, only expected
Or the kiss, or the due?
But uselessly the day ray
Has slip at them by the stream of Golden,
In vain them in a silent sorrow
The native mouth do kissed....
No! the death eternal stamp
Nothing can not really to torn!


No time in the days of fun
So colorful and rich
Tamara festive attire was.
The flowers of the native gorge
(So the ancient rite requires)
Over her pours its fragrance
And, compressed by the dead hand.
As soon as to would farewell with the earth!
And nothing in her face
Do not a hint about the end
In the heat of the passions and ecstasy;
And all her features were
Filled by that beauty,
As a marble, alien to an expression.
Devoid of a feeling and intelligence,
Mysterious, as the death is.
The strange smile froze,
Done flit in her mouth.
Many about the sad it said
To the attentive eyes:
It has the cold contempt
Of the soul to blossom out ready,
The last thought expression,
To the land the soundless forgive.
The waste glare of the past life,
She was more death,
Et for the hearts more hopeless
Than the forever dim eyes.
So in the solemn hour of the sunset,
When, swallowed in the gold sea
Already the chariot of the day was disappeared,
The snow of Caucasus, for a moment
The ruddy glance keeped,
Glow in the dark far land.
But the half alive ray
In the desert do not meet the reflection,
And noone way it do not light
From its top of the ice! ..


By the crowd the neighbors and natives
Already were gathered in the sad way.
Torturing the gray hair,
Silently hitting the chest,
The last time Gudal sits
On the white-mane horse,
And the train go up. Three days.
Three nights their way will last:
Between the old grandfather bones
The peace shelter is dug to her.
One of the forefathers of the Gudal,
The robber of the travelers and villages,
When the illness bounds him
And the hour of repentance came,
The sins of the past in the redemption
He promised to build the church
On the heights of the granite rocks,
Where only the blizzard song is heard,
Where only the kite was flying in.
And soon between Kazbek snow
Alone the temple done stand up,
And the bones of the evil one
Again have peace there;
And the rock, native to the clouds,
Have turn in the cemetery:
As soon closer to the heaven
Warmer the posthumous housing is? ..
As soon further away from the people
The last sleep don't rebel...
In vain! To the dead have not to dream
Neither a sorrow nor a joy of the past days.


In the space of blue ether
One of the saints angels
Flying on the wings of gold,
And the sinful soul from the world
He carried in his embraces.
And by the sweet speech of the believe,
Her doubts herded away,
And the trace of the misdeed and suffering
From her by the tears he washed away.
From afar yet the sounds of Paradise
To them have carry on - but suddenly,
The free way crossing,
The hell spirit rose from the depths.
He was might, as the noisy whirl,
Shone like the thunder jet,
And proudly in the mindless daring
He says: 'She is mine! '

Pressed to the keeping chest,
By the prayer the horror muted,
Tamara sinful soul -
The fate of the coming has solved,
Before her again he stood,
But, o God! - who would know him?
By the what vicious look he has looked,
How full it was by the deadly poison
Of the enmity, not knowing the end, '
And breathed by the tombstone cold
From the unmoved face.
'Be gone, the specter of doubt! -
The messenger of heaven answered: -
Enough you were triumphed;
But the hour of judgment now came-
And the blessing God solution!
The days of the tests has passed;
With the perishable clothes of the earth
The chains of evil from her had fallen.
Find out! longly we were waiting her!
Her soul was one of those,
To whom the life - one moment
Of the unbearable torment,
Of the unattainable pleasure:
The creator of the best ether
Wove the living strings of their,
They are not created for the world,
And the world was not created for them!
By the brutal price she has redeemed
Her doubts...
She was suffered and loved -
And the paradise have opened for love! '

And the angel by the strict sight
To the tempter has looked
And, joy-ly waving by the wings,
In the shine of heaven was drowned.
And the demon lose-d has damn
His mindless dreams,
And again he remain, haughty,
Alone, as before, in the universe
Without a fever, and a love! ..


On the slope of the stone mountain
Over Koyshaursky valley
Still standing to this day
The tooth of the ancient ruins are.
The stories, scary for a children,
About them the legends are full...
As a ghost, a rumor-less monument,
The witness of those magical days.
Among the trees is black.
At the bottom the crumbled aul is.
The land is blossom and green;
And the voices confused roar
Is lost and the caravans
Goes, ringing, from afar,
And, falling through the fogs,
The river is shiny and sparkling.
And by the eternally young life.
By the cool breeze, by the sun, and by the spring
The nature please jokingly,
As the carefree child.

But the sad castle, served out
The years in its time
As a poor old man who survived
The friends and lovely family.
And just waiting for the rising of the moon
His unseen tenants:
Then them the feast and freedom!
Buzz, run to all the ends.
The grey- hair spider, the new hermit,
Spin the seines him basis;
The green lizards family
On the roof has fun playing;
And the cautious snake
From the dark slit is crawled out
On the plate of the old porch,
So suddenly twisted in three rings,
So lies by a long stripe
And shine like the armor sword,
Forgotten in the field of the past battle,
Unnecessary to the fallen hero! ..
All wildy; there is no a traces
Of the past years: the hand of the centuries
Diligently, for a long time has swept its,
And do not re-memory anything
About the glorious Gudal name,
About the pretty daughter him!

But the church on the abrupt top,
Where are taken the bones by their land,
Keeped by the rule sacred,
Visible behind the clouds till nowaday.
And at its gates are stand
On the duty the black granite,
By the snow floaks covered;
And on their breasts instead the lats
The eternal- century ice burn.
The grumble sleepy heap
With the ledges, as the waterfalls,
By the frost captured suddenly,
Hang, frowning, around.
And there is the blizzard patrol, walks,
Blowing the dust from the grey-hair walls,
So the long song turn in,
So calls to the sentry;
Listen the news in the far
About the miraculous temple, in that country,
From the East clouds alone
Hurry by the crowd at the bow;
But over the family of the gravestones
Long time no one was not sad.
The rock of surly Kazbek
The production eagerly watch,
And the eternal grumble of the human
Do not indignant their eternal peace.

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Mikhail Lermontov. Demon

Eastern tale

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