Dependence Poem by Jaya Mishra


Standing on his foot, I first stepped
Holding on his thumb, I passed each cleft
I’m his piece, that my name reveals
Whatever I have, he has given me.

He’s who first saw me,
He’s under who I grew,
He’s my life’s pillar,
He’s without who life’s incomplete,
He’s who pays for my laughters,
He’s who escapes me from cruel slaughteres,
He’s my mom’s colourful world,
He’s who I can never give anything,
Except “thankyou(s) ” and “sorry(s) ”
And my truly true love,
He’s who bears all my drama,
He’s who I call “my papa”.

For everything I do
From writing to buckling my shoe
I’m dependent on you.
For everything I need
Necessity or my greed
Its you to who I plead.

You’re on who I totally rely,
Can’t tolerate your waving me bye.
But how easily you gave my hand
to someone who I barely understand.

But you too were tied,
From the world and its rules
That we blindly follow
merely thinking, like fools.

As clock’s hand rotated,
I realized,
He was as important
as feathers for flight.
He cut me in halves,
But gave his identity.
I left my world
To walk with my loyality.

Now things have changed
And I’ve grown,
Still I am
Never on my own.
This feeling is so unknown
I always keep it unshown.
I try so hard, but can’t hide
He reads me in single sight.
We’re so opposite,
But so essential for other.
Oh! How had I be living
If he wasn’t there…….

Am I handicap?
You better decide.
But without these two
I could have never survived.
One gave life,
The other its meaning.
Had always been my shielding.
Holding one’s finger,
I understood the world.
Gripping other’s hand,
I learned to face to it.

Call me a handicap
They’re my crutches,
My weakness,
And my greatest strength.

You both are so obligate,
Without any I’m partial.
You make me complete…….

Sure, I’m a handicap
Every woman is
They are our “dependence”
Reason for our existence.

Matthias Pantaleon 05 November 2012

As the birds are independent of man so is independent of dead: -nice poem

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