Desert Night Poem by Diwakar Bhatt

Desert Night

Rating: 5.0

The summer night was lovely and gay,
Stars shimmering in the sky far away.
Full moon was no less than perfect,
As if a piece of some silvery artifact.

Gusts of night breeze too giving a respite,
Simmering heat turning into cool delight.
Touch of cool sand was velvety soft,
Much tired body felt rejuvenated a lot.

Dunes depicted an uneven vast sweep,
No house, no tree even on a single heap.
A domain of serene silence all around,
Like peaceful quiet of a burial ground.

Mind & soul was in unison with nature,
God’s glory was evident in every feature.
Moonshine fell on the sea of sand but sand,
Every particle scintillated as of a fairy land.

Romanticized I was in such a lonely place,
Under the firmament soaking in all solace.
Wilderness was not fearful but all alluring,
Love to be a vagabond in such a surrounding.

Tender night was not to be for much longer,
Going to be devoured by dawn again as ever.
Everything came alive with the first ray of light,
Desert was a beautiful sight in the dead of night

Priya Arora 04 July 2011

Well nicely packed with your imagination that you bring out in poetic way..very impressive....

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 26 June 2011

Great poem. I was impressed. It was written well with nice texture and imagery. I rated it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Best regards Akmal

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Diwakar Bhatt

Diwakar Bhatt

Delhi, India
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