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Hello everyone, myself Priya Arora born and brought up in Punjab.
For me Poetry is the language in which I explore my own amazement. Poems that are in my collection are more of the imaginations of my mind that I felt to jot down in the form of Poetry.I never get a chance to intract with kids who are in pain, pain that they might felt for not havi ...

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Arpit Gautam 28 July 2020

I would love to read some of those.

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Anil Mahato 27 May 2015

nice collection of poem. i thoroughly enjoyed your poems.

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Nidhi Vaid 04 June 2012

heartfelt words collected as a string of pearls and each pearl is as pure and as meaningful as the poet's heart! ! Putting the purest wishes and feelings of heart out in the most innocent way! Well done and god bless you! !

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Philip Jose 22 June 2011

greatb thoughts. actually, sister, if u feel for the poor and needy, u can go a long way by linking with people of same stuf in their write more, u are wellequipped to write loving bro-PHILIPJOSE

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