Desire Poem by Steve Armstrong


Rating: 4.0

I see him from across a crowded room;
It sounds like the beginning to a cheesy love story,
But, I have to admit, he is GORGEOUS! ! !

Deep, enchanting brown eyes,
The bronzed skin of a modern day Adonis,
And the muscles to match!
Jet black hair, darker than the night,
Darker than anything I've ever seen before,
And finally, that smile, well....

All night long, the music played,
And he kept making eyes at me,
Smiling at me, and,
I’m embarrassed to admit,
Making me wet.

Oh my god! What’s the matter with me?
He's only a guy for god's sake,
But what a guy!
No one's ever made me feel like this before...

But there's something unnatural about him,
He seems almost too perfect.
Perfect smile, perfect clothes, everything.
He's heading towards me now,
that smile still on his face.

He comes over to me,
Puts his arm round my waist,
And pulls me close.
He whispers in my ear,
That he can give me anything I want,
Anything I desire.

Really? Anything?
Well, right now I want you,
Want to feel your hot body next to mine,
Feel the heat of the ‘Bump ‘n’ Grind’.
With that, he takes me away,
To the dark corner of the club,
Hitches my skirt up around my waist,
My now sodden panties round my ankles,
And he enters me, deep, hard, thrusting.
I feel as if I will explode, the pleasure is too much for me,
I orgasm over and over, the ripples of pleasure wash over me,
And I stand, grinning stupidly, looking rather flushed.

I tell him how great it was, how alive I feel,
He just looks at me, his eyes have changed now,
No longer the deep, enchanting brown eyes,
But black. Devoid of any emotion.
I gave you what you desired,
Now, you must pay my price…
Your soul I wish, to keep me company,
In my eternal life, as the one they know as…

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