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Sallie Howson 04 January 2006

you are cleverly able to write poetry from a woman's point of view too..well have got insight...or you are a good observer

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Ernestine Northover 21 November 2005

Having read all your poems to date, Stephen, I am very impressed with what you have written so far. There's a lot of depth in your poetry and very well structured and presented. Very well done. Loved all of them. I was moved. Love Ernestine.

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Nicole Holloway 10 November 2005

Beautiful poems. A pleasure to read. Much love, Nicole

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The Best Poem Of Steve Armstrong

Forbidden Love

She sat there, her feelings burning inside of her,
her love, anger, guilt, pain all eating away at her.
How could she tell them what she felt?
Her own mother and father?
They would never approve of it, they were too old fashioned,
couldn’t see things had changed since their day.
No, it was no use, her only option was…
was to run, run far away, away from the arguments,
shouting and the disapproving stares.

She grabbed the case from on top of the old, antique wardrobe,
placing it on her bed before her,
the bed that she had laid in since she was a little girl.
Slowly she began to place her clothes in the case,
a small, perfectly formed tear, fell from her eye,
and landed on the bedspread.
The last mark she would leave on her parent’s world…

She carried the case into the kitchen,
and before she left, she slipped a note under the fruit bowl,
assuring her mum and dad she would be ok,
that it was better this way,
and with that she was gone,
off to be with the love of her life,
to be free, to be with…her.

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