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She sat there, her feelings burning inside of her,
her love, anger, guilt, pain all eating away at her.
How could she tell them what she felt?
Her own mother and father?

I know your hurting,
I can see it in your words,
how sad he makes you feel now.

I see you now,
and it makes me cry in my heart,
one so beautiful, and yet,
so damaged and messed up inside.

The phone call ends, and I step out of the phone box.
It's dark outside, and the cold, hard rain,
beats down on me from above.
Like arrows piercing armour,

He seems to me a fool in full splendour;
You yearn for him,
and yet, he does not give you a second thought.
Surely he is blind,


Their screams of pain echo in my ears,
from the left of me, from the right, straight in front of me.
There is nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide,
I cannot wake, for this is not a dream,

There he sat, alone in the tiny,
mouldy, grey-green stone walled cell,
the horrific screams echoed in the corridor outside.
He got up off his makeshift bed – a wooden bench,

And as she laid on the bed by the old dresser,
she slowly drifted into a sleepy state,
a calming feeling washed over her body,
like the waves of the mighty sea.

I see him now, as I walk up,
in between the shopping stores,
and the cafés that litter the pavement ahead.

Can you not see, I yearn for you?
My heat leaps into my mouth when you walk by,
the fires of passion, burn under my skin,
the colour drains from my face,

You are majesty, I think,
The belle of the ball,
All eyes are on you,
As you walk into the room.

My life, is like the path of the sun,
Rising with the deep red hues of my birth,
increasing in splendour, as time goes on,
filling the sky as I hit the prime of life.

I think I'm going to cry,
For the first time today.
My hopes, my dreams, my everything,
They all fade away.

I see her sat there,
The little girl, she has nothing,
Not even proper clothes on her back,
Nor shoes on her feet.

Like a star that shines in the night,
You were always there for me.
When things went wrong, you made them right,
You were always there for me.

I sit and watch, in awe of you,
for you, you must be a creation of the Gods.
Your long, silken hair,
glistens in the silvery light of the moons night shadow,

Love is seeing your warm smile,
beam down on me like the midday sun,


I'd forgotten all about you,
A distant memory,
I thought of you sometimes,
The vague memories in my head.

Sleep now, my sweet child,
your journey is long, and,
though it breaks my heart to see you go,
I know that I must lose you.

Her arrows of light,
pierce your heart,
you, weakened, begin to fade,
to concede defeat.

The Best Poem Of Steve Armstrong

Forbidden Love

She sat there, her feelings burning inside of her,
her love, anger, guilt, pain all eating away at her.
How could she tell them what she felt?
Her own mother and father?
They would never approve of it, they were too old fashioned,
couldn’t see things had changed since their day.
No, it was no use, her only option was…
was to run, run far away, away from the arguments,
shouting and the disapproving stares.

She grabbed the case from on top of the old, antique wardrobe,
placing it on her bed before her,
the bed that she had laid in since she was a little girl.
Slowly she began to place her clothes in the case,
a small, perfectly formed tear, fell from her eye,
and landed on the bedspread.
The last mark she would leave on her parent’s world…

She carried the case into the kitchen,
and before she left, she slipped a note under the fruit bowl,
assuring her mum and dad she would be ok,
that it was better this way,
and with that she was gone,
off to be with the love of her life,
to be free, to be with…her.

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Sallie Howson 04 January 2006

you are cleverly able to write poetry from a woman's point of view too..well have got insight...or you are a good observer

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Ernestine Northover 21 November 2005

Having read all your poems to date, Stephen, I am very impressed with what you have written so far. There's a lot of depth in your poetry and very well structured and presented. Very well done. Loved all of them. I was moved. Love Ernestine.

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Nicole Holloway 10 November 2005

Beautiful poems. A pleasure to read. Much love, Nicole

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