Eternal Souls Poem by Steve Armstrong

Eternal Souls

Rating: 4.8

And as she laid on the bed by the old dresser,
she slowly drifted into a sleepy state,
a calming feeling washed over her body,
like the waves of the mighty sea.
With each breath she took, she became closer to paradise,
she could smell the sea, taste the saltiness of it on her tongue,
feel the gentle breeze blowing in her long, blonde, silky hair,
feel the warm, wet sand beneath her feet.

She was compelled to walk up the beach,
she did not know why, but deep inside,
she had a feeling, an instinct,
that this was what she should do.

Whilst walking towards the old hut at the top of the beach,
she felt strange feelings,
feelings she had not felt since… then.
Her heart felt nervous and tingly,
though she had no idea why this should be,
and the gentle breeze, whispered a name from long ago,
a name that she had longed to see again,
since the days of her youth.

As she reached the old hut,
an overwhelming rush of emotions hit her,
happiness, sadness, guilt, anger, love,
they all came flooding back,
for there in the doorway, was her beloved husband,
the man she had not seen for twenty years,
lost when she had crashed the car that fateful day.
He sensed her feelings,
and reassured her that it wasn’t her fault,
that he didn’t blame her,
and that he would love her until the end of time,

With that, he was gone,
as was the beach, the hut, everything,
all that remained was the memories,
carried inside her, like an undying bond.

Shiza Khan 24 December 2007

stephen it's soooooo beautiful....u wrote it soo well...luv it

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Ernestine Northover 21 November 2005

Wow, that's stunning. Made my eyes water. Love Ernestine

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Vanessa Brown 17 November 2005

aww what a beautiful poem! i love it! so sweet and so....i dno realy, i jus think its rly rly good :) well done!

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