Forbidden Love Poem by Steve Armstrong

Forbidden Love

Rating: 4.3

She sat there, her feelings burning inside of her,
her love, anger, guilt, pain all eating away at her.
How could she tell them what she felt?
Her own mother and father?
They would never approve of it, they were too old fashioned,
couldn’t see things had changed since their day.
No, it was no use, her only option was…
was to run, run far away, away from the arguments,
shouting and the disapproving stares.

She grabbed the case from on top of the old, antique wardrobe,
placing it on her bed before her,
the bed that she had laid in since she was a little girl.
Slowly she began to place her clothes in the case,
a small, perfectly formed tear, fell from her eye,
and landed on the bedspread.
The last mark she would leave on her parent’s world…

She carried the case into the kitchen,
and before she left, she slipped a note under the fruit bowl,
assuring her mum and dad she would be ok,
that it was better this way,
and with that she was gone,
off to be with the love of her life,
to be free, to be with…her.

Mary Nagy 16 November 2005

I think this is wonderful Stephen. You've described an all-to-common thing that happens. Very well done especially considering you are male. great job. Sincerely, Mary

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***** ********* 10 November 2005

Hello Stephen, You write well rounded prose, especially for one so young. 8 from me. Smiling Tai

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Vanessa Brown 28 November 2005

what a twist to the tale! ! its a good jus giggling to myself cuz its a man...writing about lesbians lol. im immature lol, but it is a totally amazing poem, the imagery's proper good! ! plus i have a gay friend who was totally confused about hsi feelings, n was so ashamed of himself. plus, well done for being brave enough to write about a controversial topic!

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Ernestine Northover 21 November 2005

An unusual ending there, Stephen, the 'her'. But it takes all kinds of love to make the world go round. Good write. Love Ernestine

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Cj Heck 21 November 2005

This is very good, Stephen. You show a lot of promise and I hope you keep writing. Best wishes and warmest regards, CJ

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Marta Stebel 18 November 2005

It's my favourite poem of yours. It's hard to me to express what I feel after reading it because of the language barrier but you can be sure, I will read it many times yet. It's so full of emotions and so real! Also, the finish is surprising...

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Carolyn (Cy) Vuletic 17 November 2005

Very honest, ironic piece, well done you've got something special. Carolyn

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