War Poem by Steve Armstrong


Rating: 4.2

Their screams of pain echo in my ears,
from the left of me, from the right, straight in front of me.
There is nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide,
I cannot wake, for this is not a dream,
this is war. This is very real.

The bullets whizz overhead, as I am deep in the trench,
the sickly sweet smell of blood is all around,
for, the blood is all around, it is where we walk,
it is where we sleep, it is where we fight.

I feel more tense now, though i could not have imagined it,
Soon, I am told, I will be 'going over the top'
Going to sort the Gerry's, the Hun's, the enemy.
'Dont worry, boy' they tell me. We're going to win.
How can they be so sure i ask myself?
18 and sent to my empty, nameless grave
In war, there is only one winner.

Vanessa Brown 01 December 2005

i love it! its so sad, and so true...wars so pointless, but theres somehow a beauty in it...or atleast a nobility and honour which is touching. i challenge you to write a happy poem: P: P hehe!

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Ernestine Northover 21 November 2005

You certainly make your poems alive with drama Stephen, very pictorial..Nicely composed. Love Ernestine

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Marta Stebel 18 November 2005

It's really good! I like the most the first stanza. Stephen, I agree that you're very talented! Don't waste it! ! !

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Declan McHenry 15 November 2005

Stephen, a very simple and succinct piece. Very well done. That second line reminded me of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's most famous work and I wondered if you had thought of developing your own piece further to counter-charge the Light Brigade.

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