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Devil In The Corner - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

The Devil is sitting in the corner of my room
right beside the dresser just across from the broom
in the back of the closet hidden in the clothes
why is he there only heaven seems to know
the reason I surmise is that he has seen my eyes
the sadness that swims so deep within them
perhaps that is the reason for his constant devilish grin
the sorrow that I feel that plagues me in my sleep
he must have been by my bed seen the movement of my head
and perhaps even heard me when I weep
he has witnessed me when rage has become my cloak
seen me coughing so hard that blood fell from my throat
seen me watch my pain float away on a cloud of smoke
maybe he has seen my poems and read ever word I wrote
I know he is there though I can not hear him breathing
but I know he is there and now I know the reason
for though I pray to the Lord and have faith in His plans
I still sit in the dark caressing the revolver in my hand
where does the line blur from good to bad
where does the pendulum swing from happy to sad
in my silence I have walked alone perhaps I may have strayed
thoughts of resentment regret and rage and fear
may have shown him the way
was it something I thought or something I said
was there an evil statue wrought that now stands in my head
how could he have been able to creep into my domain
how was he able to learn the poets name and see my brain
has he seen my plight does he know I am so spent
that I have become vulnerable to his dark intent
I chuckle for he sits so patently
posing like a maniacal mannequin
whispering words of the dark side
as if my name was Anakin
I have grown weary of the struggle
the disappointments and the blame
the unresolved quest for love blows on the winds of a dying flame
so I have become afraid of what I might do
that one day I will give in
and turn from His blessed love and walk the night in sin
and so I write with a frenzy
in an attempt to save my tortured soul
for I fear that if I relinquish my pen then he will have control
for I do not want his hoof prints
leading a path to my final tomb
for I will be dragged below to a fate of eternal doom
so I pray these words negate the chill I feel
and my heart will sing soulful tune
so I will continue to write
for the Devil sits in the corner of my room

Thoughts of Single Man 2012tm

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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