Devil's Pot Poem by Amber Piercy

Devil's Pot

Rating: 5.0

Devils Pot

I bend Beautiful lyrics
Just like the way a soul is sold
What a sensational mix
Of passionate stories told

Come stir this concoction
Watch the Triumph begin
Stir with a spoon delicately
just throw in a pinch of sin

The Tails will unravel themselves
They generally always do
But just like Santa's little elves
The magic comes from me and you

We're going to throw in a little eagerness
Just to jump start the gun
Maybe throw in a demons kiss
Just for a little fun

Hold this handle for a minute
While I try to reach the poison ivy
It's yours so own it
But if it bubbles it will bring intensity

Let the strong Aroma take you
So you can drift far away from here
let the green swirl in with the blue
It will wash away your fear

Throw in an electric eel
And let's bring this party to life
Maybe throw in a high heel
Or mabye a butter knife

We are trying to Dance with the Devil
The best way we know how
With every scoop of the shovel
We will get there somehow

I want you to get serious with me
Just mix the pot up right
you don't want it to blow up instantly
Because there goes the whole night

Let's dance to this ragtop tune
And kiss this song goodbye
Because before you know it will be June
And we won't see him again till 4th of July

A.D. Small
December 10,2022

Amber Piercy 27 December 2022

Thank you I enjoyed writing this one it just kinda came out of no where on me lol

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Good one. " Let's dance to this ragtop tune ", yeah! Let's dance! !

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