Differences Poem by Amber Marie


You like tea
I like coffee
You like hot
I liked iced
You like sugar free
I like mocha
We all are different, right?
I like sandals
You like sneakers
I like cats
You like dogs
I don't like alcohol
You like to drink
We all are different, right?
You like books
I like movies
You like sports
I like deep conversations
You like cars
I like bikes
We all are different right?
You like Biden
Some like trump
I like neither one
I love God
I don't expect you to
Understand or you to understand
me but where I am going for
has nothing to do with
division and such
so I'd rather focus
On the one with unending hope
And love..
I will expose evil because the Bible
calls us to warn..I don't want
people left behind for the horrible
of tribulation and such..
But I will warn and do it in love
I don't care about politics
I don't care if you see things the
Way I do But God calls us to warn
in love so that's what I'll do
But we are all very different
In many different ways
And let's learn to grow together
In love and not hate
based on these silly things..some
People argue over the cringiest
of things..I don't want to argue
Just share my Father's love
But also how He expects us to
repent for all of our lusts..
our pride of life and not seeking
I pray you see that's not about
Division but about simply following
and trusting Him.

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