Fight For Your Marriage Poem by Amber Marie

Fight For Your Marriage

Marriage isn't easy
It's never been easy
It's always been a bit of a bumpy
But good things take time
they say
So let your marriage grow
Through the good, bad and oh so ugly..
It might not look pretty..
But don't think there can't be
When Jesus is involved..
Nothing is impossible.

Let Him help you mend the
bruises in your soul..
He's there..
He cares..
So fight by faith
for a marriage that is worth the wait..
The pain can end..
A person can heal..
Don't let this world
tell you how to handle what you feel.

Go to God because feelings
Can lead us astray..
But God is always there
He cares and He knows the way..
To lead you out of the darkness
A new and promising way..

So fight for your marriage God is
With you..
He is there and always makes us
better than new..
If we trust Him
He'll always pull us through!

Poem by amber marie

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