Diving Poem by Ebone' Ingram


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I take a breath.
My heart flutters as it begins.
I'm sinking headfirst
into this soul-stirring ocean,
but I feel you guiding me,
your arms around me
as we enter this new land below.
The phenomenon of your love
finds me there
like light finds darkness.
All I see in this new world
is beauty; the glow that descends
from the distant sky
shines through the depths
of this full nothingness
like an exotic memory of joy,
a Nirvana under the surface,
I shudder from the chill
in this Atlantis we've found,
and yet I've never felt so warm.
As much as I want to stay
in this place forever,
I must still breathe-
I must return to Earth.
I rise, release this sensation.
But I still know, as reality returns
and I come out of the water,
that I must dive with you again.

Ebone' Ingram 07 August 2006

Hello, readers...[man, I feel awkward writing a comment on my own poem...] Anywho, I just wanted to say that in case you didn't know, this poem is actually about a 1st kiss, not exactly about diving, that's just what it felt like. So...yeah. Eni da Kid

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Dee Daffodil 04 August 2006

Very intriguing poem...it's a beautiful world down there...even better with the right person...sorry you miss him...might you be re-united soon? Hugs, Dee

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