Holding Hands With An Angel Poem by Ebone' Ingram

Holding Hands With An Angel

Rating: 2.7

Actually, the whole entire poem's subject to change. give tips if you want. Dedicated to all the people I've ever cared about, even the ones who hurt me, played me, and lied to me. They were my angels...once upon a time. Based on a painfully true story.

i still dream about it...
reaching across the chasm
to grasp your hand.
i didn't make it there,
but i did catch a glimpse
of your angelic face
and the smile that graced it;
a light piercing through,
compassionate and pure-
it caused tears to flow down
from my eyes.
a whole world separates
us now...an entire destiny
graced by another
more capable goddess than i.
i am vexed, yet consoled for the moment
by this bittersweet phantasma-
the vision of you...
reaching out for my hand.


i still dream about it... reaching across the chasm to grasp your hand.

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Dee Daffodil 06 December 2006

Eni...Ok...About the more capable Goddess part...I like the image...but please don't sell yourself short. Just because another has been chosen...does not make them...the better or the best... Good poem! Hugs, Dee

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Carmen Johnson 22 September 2006

I like it the only thing that I would perhaps change is (it was that...) Bc that goes without saying that if you cried then it must have been. Sometimes I think it is best not to overstate the obvious. But I have never read anything that you wrote, so if this is your writiing style then of course tread on. Good poem. I know it well. I have one similar called Tonight I see the echoes. I will post so you can see.

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Crystal Tutson 22 September 2006

I like this poem because i can truly relate

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