Dizzy Spin Poem by David Taylor

Dizzy Spin

Rating: 5.0

Well I just remembered,
in fact I never have forgot.
One December morning
many years ago.
It was Christmas day,
the family, five of us,
all gathered around
for the usual opening
of the Christmas gifts from Santa.
Which on a Christmas morning
beneath the tree are found.
Our daughter Alice
had the biggest gift,
which she quickly opened
with excited tearing of the wrapping
and then she saw the picture,
on the outside of the box.
Well she just stared,
then ran away, to a nearby space.
And ran and ran in circles calling,
it’s a car, it’s a car, it’s a car!
And she just kept on doing this,
occasionally checking back to see,
if it was truly true,
or she was only dreaming
about that car beneath the tree.
Finally she sat down,
all dizzy in a spin.
And when we unpacked the car
and she was sat within,
the light that shone upon her face
was bright enough to light
a thousand living rooms,
and made all our hearts
so very warm
and full of her delight.
Recently I asked her
About that joyous time,
and she warmly told me
“That’s a distant memory dad!
But while were on the subject
there’s this little car I saw.”
That quiet and soulful statement,
puts me in a dizzy spin.
And makes me wonder
if Christmas ever ends.

Dee Daffodil 02 March 2007

LOL....It's a sad day when the 'little' toys of childhood no longer suffice... Good luck on that one! Hugs, Dee

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Patricia Gale 02 March 2007

Ah how the table turns right back... delightful piece David.

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