Because You'Re Beautiful Poem by David Taylor

Because You'Re Beautiful

Rating: 4.8

Because you’re Beautiful
This poem’s addressed
To you
Because you’re beautiful
No matter what
You do
Because you’re beautiful
The sun rises
Every day
Because you’re beautiful
The mist shrouds a
Dreamy day
Because you’re beautiful
A blossom blooms and holds
Its scent
Because you’re beautiful
Songs sung in your heart
Are meant
Because you’re beautiful
Reflections shine
And glint
Because you’re beautiful
Poems are written
Heaven sent
Because you are beautiful
This is all that this
Poem’s said
Just in case you may have
Any doubt
This poem's heaven sent
To tell you
You are beautiful
And that is what this poem
Is about.

Marci Made 01 April 2007

Oh my, oh my, this poem is so very beautiful....This should be song.....The words in here could make one down feel up, one up feel even more up and one unsure of themselves feel sure and carry brought tears......happy tears and a big could only be written by a one with a giving and caring heart..I am truly awe struck [although not quite speechless even though it left me as such] thank you David~~~~~~~you just bring so much happiness to this, marci.xo

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Duncan Wyllie 05 April 2007

The world is in need of writes such as these because...they are beautiful Love duncan X

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 01 April 2007

Beautiful words indeed, Surely a poem made to please...10

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How lucky is the beautiful recipient of this poem! Clair

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JoAnn McGrath 01 April 2007

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then this is one beautifully written poem: O)

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Pat C 17 November 2017

This poem really caught my eye its a very nice poem

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John Tiong Chunghoo 02 April 2008

and yes, it is beautiful david.

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Richa Dhodi 22 February 2008

The person close to you is very lucky. Poem is awesome. nice slab. keep going.

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Michael Pruchnicki 08 February 2008

The world needs 'writes' like these? My dear Lord, read Emily Dickinson!

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Dee Daffodil 10 April 2007

What a lovely poem you've written for someone so obviously special to you. Very nicely said. hugs, dee

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