Do I Dare? Poem by David Taylor

Do I Dare?

Rating: 5.0

Trying to let go.
Aspiring to let it flow.
Pretending I don’t think I know.
Waiting for nothing
and hoping it will soon arrive.
Asking for nothing
and keeping a desire inside.
Giving all I own
except for what I keep at home.
Thinking I don’t care
but only if you will be there.
Where is faith
and do I dare.....?

Dee Daffodil 16 February 2007

This is very good David! I wonder what your decision will be... Good luck... Hugs Dee

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Raynette Eitel 16 February 2007

David, this is a hard kind of poem to write....seriously making a decision. I think the rhymes in your first three lines distract from the poem. Just try it without the rhyme and see whether you like it better. (Even the first two lines are's just that third rhyme that jars.) Just a suggestiion. Raynette

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jkd jkd 18 April 2007

This speaks to my heart very clearly - and it seems as if you liked participles as much as I do... Kat.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 24 February 2007

the art of asking for something fom the almighty is to be modest. you got it david.

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David, sometimes the best questions we can pose to ourselves are rhetorical in nature. Then life, or chance, or change, or whatever, presents us with the answers... I find this masterful. t x

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David Harris 18 February 2007

David, I liked the unanswered question at the end Do I Dare? David

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Dead Angel 17 February 2007

Hi Puzzling Poem! Something vague

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